Yorkies: How to Teach Your Dog: Obedience Training Tips for Yorkshire Terriers : How to Teach Your Yorkie to Sit With These Dog Obedience Tips for Yorkshire Terriers

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Learn how to train your Yorkie to sit on command in this free online dog obedience training video for teaching good animal behavior.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. NatBabe4
    | Reply

    If you really want to train your puppy the right way, you’re not suppose to put treats in front of their faces or they’ll think that they are suppose to listen just for a treat!

  2. CocoaKitKat597
    | Reply

    good doggie!

  3. CaseyySmilee1
    | Reply

    i’m getting a yorkie in december can’t wait! (:

  4. kkeshav74
    | Reply

    @CaseyySmilee1 me too!! I WANT ONE SOOO BAD! my cuzin has 2. a boy and girl both pure

  5. NukaColaBear
    | Reply

    🙁 my dog gets too excited.

  6. YungCazticTV
    | Reply

    She soundz like OJ the juiceman,, OKAYYYYY!!! HAHA!!!!!!!

  7. josepmonter1
    | Reply

    Hi , I find all those tricks really good , but what to do when the ring-door rings ?
    she becomes mad and I don’t really know what to do …
    Good videos …thanks !

  8. ClupenguinFanclub
    | Reply

    Litte puppy! Have some cheese!

  9. ClupenguinFanclub
    | Reply

    @josepmonter1 try picking her up in one hand. if that dosent work try putting her in another room with the door closed so she can’t attack the person at the door. Or you could try calming her down. That usually helps me. I just pick her up and see who it is. If it is a visitor she goes mad so I put her in another room. But just to let you know my daughter is in the room with her. I never let her in a room on her own (health and safety!) because of what happened to little sammy. r.i.p sammy

  10. ClupenguinFanclub
    | Reply

    @Palm821 I agree that cheese would be bad or them. Maybe it’s some special cheese for dogs XD

  11. ClupenguinFanclub
    | Reply

    That’s true but you do have to have a few treats in hand just to reward good behavior. I don’t mean each time they do something right I mean building up in stages.

  12. chizzywoo
    | Reply

    @izzythecutie Only if the breeder see’s you coming :))))))

  13. chizzywoo
    | Reply

    @ClupenguinFanclub (and others) I’ve used cheese to train my dogs for years…no one’s dropped dead on me yet.;)

  14. josepmonter1
    | Reply

    @ClupenguinFanclub – Thank you very much for your answer . Well in fact she doesent attack people at all , it’s just of when the ring doors sounds she becomes
    really stressed like a TASMANIA DEMONS and I’m affraid about possible heart attack
    or somsthing else On the other hans I’m real satisfied with her and I love her verymuch … keepping helping people with similars problems…wy don’t spends WATCHING MY MOLLY Thank yoy very much !!!

  15. steinbit5ftlorftw
    | Reply

    my yokie rys to bite and eat evrything im feeding him the amount he is supose to everyday any way for him to learn what not to bite or eat

  16. amandapillion
    | Reply

    OKAY! hahah thats cute.

  17. ClupenguinFanclub
    | Reply

    If she gets stressed try and calm her. Almost try and train her and give her a little treat if she does it right

  18. PETtellcom5
    | Reply

    the dog is so good.
    now i know how i teach my dog.

  19. MrJjessi
    | Reply

    sit. OKAY!! sit OKAY!!

  20. cucho803
    | Reply

    dogs are brilliant they learn faster than cats

  21. MiszTeeHoney
    | Reply

    what’s a good age to start training your yorkie?

  22. andy74123
    | Reply

    @MrJjessi she is the highest pitched mother fucking bitch who thinks she know what shes doing

  23. SmileMeJustin
    | Reply

    the dog knows how to sit, you should ask the dog how to sit maybe it will teach it to you… get a new camera btw

  24. michaeldevine123
    | Reply

    dat dog all ready knows how to sit 4

  25. AllAbouttheGossip17
    | Reply

    This helped me alot! I have decided to teach my dog this stuff too. This video helped so much! In one day my dog has just about the idea on how to sit 😀

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