Yes .. I will be resuming posting soon! Promise!

I’m mentioned before that I was upgrading to a dedicated server from my last upgrade to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) on August 1, 2007 … well ,,

* That hasn’t happened yet.

I feel like an idiot. But .. when my provider tells me that they will be migrating my sites “shortly” .. or “tonight” .. or “it’s in progress” … I assume the next day, when I notice that my sites are down, that the reason was because the migration took longer than they planned, or – are still in progress. As such, I have been just shutting off my computer in the morning and enjoying my summer vacation.

But – the reason my sites were down (like, last night for the past 9 hours or so) .. was because of the reason that I am forced to upgrade to a dedicated server in the first place! The VPS cannot handly all the CPU and system resources that all of my blogs in the HART-Empire Network is using. That’s the reason why my sites were down. The VPS killed certain resources and that stops the internet from recognizing my sites.

It’s rather a simple process to reboot/restart that process .. but It’s August 7th today and I shouldn’t be restarting processes .. I should be completely migrated to the Dedicated Server by now.

I actually moved (in my mind) my old ISP#1 and ISP#2 servers June 1st .. and the current VPS didn’t start until June 8th .. so I’m hopeful that tomorrow is the day.

I whined and cried and yelled and begged and nagged long enough and hard enough .. and now my provider has finally promised to migrate everything tonight.

* We shall see ,,

I hope that is the case, but regardless – I plan to enjoy another 30c day here at the beach and resume posting tomorrow.

HART (From Victoria Beach, Manitoba)


PS: This is a picture I took last night from the cottage… around sunset .. yes .. we have to endure these type of pictures every day .. what a challenge 🙂

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