WRBT WVLA station ID and promo montage 1986-2010 (NBC 33 Baton Rouge, LA)

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube


Here is a large montage of station IDs and promos for WRBT and later WVLA, the NBC affiliate of Baton Rouge broadcasting on Channel 33. Copyrights acknowledged. Basically, WRBT signed on in 1971, changed its call letters to WVLA in 1987, and cancelled its primetime newscast due to bad ratings, they brought it back in 2007. Generally, the station heavily used NBC’s graphics most of the time, and branded itself as Channel 33, WVLA Baton Rouge, and NBC 33 (the latter from about 1996-2001 and 2004-today). WVLA is NOT an NBC Owned and Operated Station! Contents: WRBT era: 1. MetroNews promo with Robyn Ekings (now at LPB) in DC. 2. MetroNews promo with Ekings about the AG scandal and Huel Perkins (now at WJBK, Fox 2 in Detroit, MI) talking about teacher testing system and kidney stone advice. Background music for these clips: “Let’s All Be There–NBC Affiliate Package” 3. WRBT station ID (with NBC’s Let’s All be there graphics) 4. Mike Reeves promo explaining his meteorology qualifications for MetroNews 5. Come Home to 33 station ID (1:27) 6. Station IDs/promos from the “Come Home to the Best only on NBC” package: Thundercats, The Gummi Bears, and The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson 1987 (start at 1:50): 7. 2 news promos for Baton Rouge Tonight (new newscast title and theme, unknown, but probably part of an NBC affiliate package)–don’t know names of anchors here Circle 33 Logo era: 1989: 8. Station ID/promo for: Star Trek, Cosby Show, Family Ties 9. Baton Rouge Tonight news

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