Would You Clone Your Pet?

I thought I saw a puddy cat....After your pet passes away, it can be difficult to move forward. You miss their sounds and habitual behaviors that make them unique and special. Whether you want to get a new pet right away or not, what would you do if you could get a clone of your last pet? It would look the same and maybe have the same behaviors as your other pet. But would you have the same connection with the cloned pet?

On December 21, the world’s first cloned pet dog turned one year old. According to the owner, Lou Hawthorne of Mill Valley, the border collie/husky named Mira has many similarities to her genetic sire named Missy. Missy was a three-quarters border collie and one-quarter husky who lived until she was 15 years old. Although there are astounding similarities between these two dogs since their genetic makeup is the same, there are also differences. For example, unlike Missy, loud sounds and vibrant lights don’t bother Mira.

If you are thinking of cloning a previous pet, take another moment to think about it because it costs anywhere from $130,000 to $170,000. While having a clone of your pet might seem like you are bringing your pet back to life, keep in mind that they will most likely not behave exactly like your previous pet.

It’s hard to move on from the loss of a pet, especially if he/she has been your trusty companion for 10 to 15 years. However, it can be more fulfilling if you give a home to a pet from an animal shelter. They might not look or act like your old pet, but they will probably still make a positive impact on your life. Having the knowledge and ability to clone a pet successfully is an amazing feat, but genetic technology may never be able to bring back the loves of our lives.

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