World’s fattest Pets

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

These pets are fat and weirdly cute. I know you will enjoy this. REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE!!!!!! Listen to the song and look at the picks they sink together

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. Girls4utube123
    | Reply

    ok many people have a racoon dumb one -.-

  2. lissalove798
    | Reply

    OMG those poor pets! What do those owners feed them!?!?!?!?!?

  3. KKillaJ
    | Reply

    @MrColorfulcookies that lady at 0:25 does… lol just bein a smart ass

  4. mastererik323
    | Reply

    lol fat squirrel i want 1

  5. PlushNommer
    | Reply

    1:13 is her hand like… vanishing in the fat?

  6. faithvamp
    | Reply

    who is that on 0.51? i even cant identify poor animal

  7. AbbeyAnnexo
    | Reply

    i can’t believe people let their animals get this big. it’s likes slowly killing them

  8. beanpouch
    | Reply

    That’s fake most at least

  9. Charmed66Fan
    | Reply

    lol all fake

  10. jfc41799
    | Reply

    0:51 is. Chinchilla

  11. spastikman
    | Reply

    Not saying anything negative about THIS video, but youtube should put warnings on videos that are slideshows…

  12. FeARxDaLLaSx
    | Reply

    It’s a pillowpet!

  13. dance8dancer
    | Reply

    57 looks fake but it is hilarious lol

  14. dance8dancer
    | Reply

    0.57 looks fake but it is hilarious lol

  15. cheesewhiz54
    | Reply

    Mcdonalds… Mmmmmmmm ^.^

  16. yoyoyofamily
    | Reply

    Poor doggy!!!

  17. Edub1321
    | Reply

    A giraffe is a pet? Haha it still was funny anyway thoughh:)

  18. EvilMushroomProd
    | Reply

    0:20 DONT DROP ME!!!!

  19. andrewawesome44
    | Reply

    @MrColorfulcookies hippies

  20. TheofficialkateAO
    | Reply

    @MrColorfulcookies my dad -.-

  21. 14dixierebel
    | Reply

    @MrColorfulcookies if you have ever liked or came to the country, you will notice that alot of us country folks own or have owned them 🙂

  22. TotalZukoFan
    | Reply

    there was this one show on animal planet or someting about obese animals and thee was this one fatass lady who ate chocolate all day and she gave it to her cats too….in the end they convinced everyone to stop overfeeding their ets except her…it just said she wouldn’t stop and the dog was expected to die soon. I was so fucking mad I wanted to go slap her fat face >:C

  23. TotalZukoFan
    | Reply

    *not to her cats, to her dog

  24. TheHuskerpower10
    | Reply

    Why this song my ears are puking.

  25. JoJoPet123
    | Reply

    the giraf at 0:54 is named chubb-o

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