wizard101 wintertusk vendor,recipes,with new gear,spell and new lvl58 pet description

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

Please Comment or Rate,Thanks. this all the vendor i berely saw in Wintertusk and the new items,if i see more i will make another video.There’s two more store i didnt go one is a vendor of amulet and sword and the other one is crafting recipes of equipment that give blade(hat),trap(cloths),and the one that make a circle or penament stay for battle like wyldfire(shoes),also all of thee crafting give better critcal block with school damage,resist,pip,and health.that one can be found in the place sudriland(final place in Wintertusk) talking to Carax strongthread. some new pet i found scarecrow(deaths),phoenix(fire),kraken(storm),frog(myth),i still trying to see for others. New pets. Those next to them are the card they are all same as the pet like phoenix give phoenix card other still construstion. Notes-all of cards are 6pips except Life(8pips). Ancient Scarecrow-Deaths- 480 to all enemy,swap half to. -Storm-Kraken640-735 and give you +25% in next spell. -Fire-Grand Phoenix-540-620 and -45% in accuracy. -Myth-Anceint Humongofrog-75+525 3 round- to all enemy!. -Balance-Mighty Judgement-440 and dispel 2random spell -Ice-Anceint Wyvern-80+600 over 3 rounds. -Life-Enraged Forest Lord-620-700 to all enemy(8pip) Under Construction THANKS FOR WACTHING.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. therockerjunior
    | Reply

    whats the point in using it if you cant trust it?

  2. therockerjunior
    | Reply

    lol i dont wanna cast a spell that backfire and kills me and the worst thing about it is the accuracy

  3. ff9player
    | Reply

    edge of the green looks cool for a life wizard, not sure if giving up crit chance is good seeing as life has the lowest any way

  4. jessbelow100
    | Reply

    Some new pets are in description.Still looking for others.

  5. dionit100
    | Reply


  6. jessbelow100
    | Reply

    @jessbelow100 Got them all now.@@

  7. MrYousif45
    | Reply


  8. erc1314
    | Reply

    i caant find that at the bazar

  9. jessbelow100
    | Reply

    @erc1314 You playing in test realm right.Have you click the level option on the top and click it twice so it going to show you by lvl in highest to lowest coz the items are around LVL 52-56.maybe theres some lower than that,

  10. erc1314
    | Reply

    @jessbelow100 i did but i cant find it do u have to be a member so u can get it

  11. Phreestem
    | Reply

    Idk why I’m so excited! I’m hardly even started in Celestia! >_>

  12. gamer96795
    | Reply

    i like the blade that gave shields and the healing one may come in handy but i am wondering that there are those amulets and athames and rings that give defense to all umm wont that just make it easier to get like 100 percent defense. lets see full legend ice gear like 40 pet with defy and proof at max 55 athame 8 ring 8 amulet 15 equals up to like 86 percent resist to all O: my god they will be unstoppable especially even a life will own hard and not even have to heal

  13. blabcamvideos
    | Reply


  14. KazeKage572
    | Reply

    KI, whats the point of making another useless bolt? with my luck i’ll never win another battle with it ever again!

  15. pencilpizza
    | Reply

    this is so stupid so i went to erik to get new spell at end of wintertusk and i beat the boss then i got the spell and the spell was another frozen armor spell! its retarted we already have one the only difference is the old one shields 125 the new one shields 175 what is happening to wizard101! >:(

  16. The235Anil
    | Reply

    @KazeKage572 no dummy
    it has 80 chance of hitting opponent than yourself

  17. xxkingkrobestxx
    | Reply

    you have to be level 58 and up to get the pet after the 58 level card thing.

  18. fire12369874
    | Reply

    nice you look cool 🙂

  19. brandonstevens16
    | Reply

    cool but can you help me get their?!?!?

  20. johndragon1000
    | Reply

    cool but i am just looking for a place where i can buy a recipe i know the one in krakatopia and wizard city

  21. fusionlander
    | Reply

    where you get that blade from

  22. vancey3
    | Reply

    someone plz tell me, i am lvl 52 balance and i only have 104% critical rating and 94% block rating and my health is 3,389 is it bad or good or average stats

  23. freeman128
    | Reply

    there is a lot of cool stuff but people are in there homes waiting for this new place so we are already for the wintertusk so we are all ready and fired up so good luck on your account and have FUN 😀

  24. coolking9998
    | Reply

    wow can wait to tell my friend about this

  25. TheNarutoSeeker
    | Reply

    can someone tell me what the shatter spell does does it remove all shields

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