Winnie the Poo Patrol — Dog Days #15

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Winnie the Poo Patrol — Dog Days #15 Just in time for the opening of the new Disney movie “Winnie the Pooh,” our own little miniature Dachshund Winnie decides to take matters into her own hands when a neighborhood dog is suspected of POOH-ing in her backyard. About Dog Days This…

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. pianokevin68
    | Reply

    lmao very funny one

  2. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @StreetoffXAF — Thanks for watching!

  3. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @olly1808 — Thanks for watching!

  4. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @DeepBlueSeaMonsters — Glad you liked it. Thanks.

  5. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @ibsunnysha — Is this the sequel you’re writing here? Heh, heh.

  6. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @imbored2 — It does appear like she downed a few Red Bulls before that run, right? Heh, heh.

  7. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @VampireCraZy14 — Thank you.

  8. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @BeautifulLife1977 — Yes, that is actually one continuous piece of footage…no cuts…I don’t know if I could even keep up the energy to run that long…especially if my body and feet were so close to the ground…she covered a lot of distance.

  9. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @sandrateager — Thank you.

  10. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @klltx2001 — Yes, she can. Surprisingly. She is about five now.

  11. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @silverpoint16 — Yes, she is. Thanks for watching.

  12. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @TemporalOnline — Thank you. I’d make more Dog Days, but I think I need some more dogs to film….not many in my area.

  13. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @RockyBDemilleFan — Yeah, but who? Winnie or me? Heh, heh.

  14. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @JamesBrownvlog — I am very glad you subscribe too. Now if only I could get the rest of YouTube to feel the same way. Heh, heh.

  15. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @CirSam — It would help if she remembered what shw was looking for. But most of the time, she doesn’t. Heh, heh.

  16. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @robert4301 — Thank you. That’s very kind. Wish I could get more Great Dane footage, but I never see them any more.

  17. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @SmiteFieldProduction — Winnie actually has a scottish/irish thing going on, and Bailey is much more refined than Tipi. If you listen closely, her diction is much more pronounced. At least, IMHO. heh, heh.

  18. ScoobyHubby
    | Reply

    @pianokevin68 — Thanks for watching!

  19. Tray711
    | Reply

    Wow, that little dog has a lot of energy. She’s cute, too. It’s been many years since I have been a dog owner. Every so often I ask the cats if they would like to change it up a bit and get a puppy. They just turn and walk away – highly insulted – I’m sure!

  20. sandrateager
    | Reply

    @ScoobyHubby Welcome! =)

  21. ibsunnysha
    | Reply

    @ScoobyHubby …Noo, er. it’s probably lack of sleep and then 14 of those 5 hour energy drinks…and then a vitamin B shot, just to make sure it’s all healthy. Or not. Sometimes I just have absolutely no control over where my fingers are going. It’s an automatic response to lloving what I just watched!

  22. StreetoffXAF
    | Reply

    @ScoobyHubby No Problem hahah It made me laugh alot =D Keep up funny videos like that 🙂

  23. JJ3792
    | Reply

    @ScoobyHubby hey scoobyhubby did u see my message i sent to your youtube inbox?

  24. olly1808
    | Reply

    @ScoobyHubby how many pets you got ? ha

  25. FeatherStories
    | Reply

    Yey finnaly a new dog dags :3 I really enjoyed this one!

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