WINNER BEST FUNNY VIDEO CONTEST! Arm & Hammer Litter of Laughs 2010. the cat that eats SOYBEANS? !

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

GRAND CHAMPION WINNER FOR ARM & HAMMER LITTER OF LAUGHS FUNNY VIDEO CONTEST! awarded Feb. 2010! Don’t turn your back on HOOTe CAT, things disappear!

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. CattyCatRanch
    | Reply

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Not the white rice!!!!

    Hoote, listen up, buster. Repeat after me: I am a carnivore. I do not eat veggies. I am descended from the King of the Jungle.

    Geez! Some cats will do anything to get on youtube.


  2. CattyCatRanch
    | Reply

    Hey, congrats on winning the Arm & Hammer contest!! (;^)

    | Reply

    i eat EVERYTHING i can get my little white paws on….. show what poor taste SHE had that nite.
    yah, some rare beef, lobster, chicken always a fave…. yah babe SHE offers white rice. think i could move in with you? H

  4. jamieandpete
    | Reply

    Love that Cat!

  5. momotruck
    | Reply

    edamame! 😉

  6. simplyroxyful
    | Reply

    Nice video. : )

  7. BonBonBatman
    | Reply

    Wonderful video! Concatulations on winning the contest 🙂

  8. MsJosselyne
    | Reply

    Quelles belles patounettes blanches, très belle “Cat”

    | Reply

    @MsJosselyne ahhh thank you! not sure what “patonunettes” are, but hope it’s good.
    translated this means “What beautiful patounettes white, very beautiful “Cat”

  10. MsJosselyne
    | Reply

    Patounette = little paws 😉

  11. sandrateager
    | Reply

    Ahh What a cutie!! ♥
    & surely a WINNER!!!

  12. TheLevoy
    | Reply

    What a beautiful cat!!!!!


    | Reply

    @sandrateager thank you pal! always nice to have someone appreciate your work!

  14. sandrateager
    | Reply

    @HOOTECAT Oh you are definitely most welcome!!! =)

  15. whiskerpower
    | Reply

    HOOTe CAT you are soooo talented! You eat well too! I MUST try soybeans. Keep on winning HOOTe!!!

  16. GraveyardOfHistories
    | Reply

    The first cat I see that listens to orders – funny !
    And sooo cuddlelicious,, a fleecy little Candyfloss-dice.
    She´s got beautiful paws, they look like pelty marshallows.

  17. chocolatevampireX3
    | Reply

    nom nom nom nom nom 😀

  18. Cowz221
    | Reply


  19. gregoryagogo
    | Reply

    Is the commercial where they used footage from theses entries on posted on youtube?

    | Reply

    try this link.. directly from arm & hammer! it wasn’t a commercial, but a great contest… don’t know how long it’ll be up for.. but it still works today..
    go to youtube / funnycats

  21. gregoryagogo
    | Reply

    @HOOTECAT I saw a commercial on TV with footage from one of the videos.

  22. 1HarryH
    | Reply

    Cats are funny, almost as funny as the peoples 😉

  23. med2tokyo
    | Reply

    Edamame is an excellent source of low-calorie protein which makes it a popular snack among vegetarian athletes.
    The isoflavones in edamame help to maintain bone density by exerting estrogen-like effects on bone tissue. It’s also a good source of calcium which is important for strong teeth and bones.^^

  24. love4tamara
    | Reply

    Your cat is sooooo cute!
    Almost as cute as my guinea pig 😛

  25. StowAlex
    | Reply

    LOL soy. I had a cat that loved apple and banana. Nice videos.

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