William Funnell | Young horse’s first introduction to fences | HorseandRider UK

“Before a horse starts to jump,” says William, “I like him to be able to hold his canter well in the arena and for the rider to have control of his shoulders. That way, you can keep the horse straight, so you’re less likely to inadvertantly teach him to run out”, explains William.

To read the full article grab the June 2013 issue of H&R magazine, for the previous article also read the May 2013 issue.

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4 Responses

  1. 101jumpergirl101
    | Reply

    okay one question. why did you raise the jump to like 2'6"-2'9"? i mean its a green horse and your having her trot it?!?!?!

  2. 101jumpergirl101
    | Reply

    wow this horse is a natural jumper! takes to them easily

  3. horsesofcourses1
    | Reply

    I love the poles on the landing side to teach straightness! Definitely going to do this with my youngster

  4. Emilie Fruin
    | Reply

    1:10 splaat!! haha

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