Why You Should Own a Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

By Mayoor Patel

Many of us have busy lifestyles that leave us with very little free time. Why spend that precious time cleaning out a dirty litter box? Instead, you can invest in a self-cleaning litter box that will cut way back on the amount of time you have to devote to cleaning up after your pet. Here are a couple of the reasons why this type of litter box just makes sense.

First, we all know that a litter box means the presence of some pretty bad odors. The only way to effectively deal with that is to clean the cat box out often, right? Well, not if your cat’s liter box is self-cleaning. These wonderful devices come with sensors that trigger a cleaning process when your cat steps out of the litter box. A small comb sweeps the hard waste into a compartment, where it is stored until you have time to clean the box. Just about all of these types of litter boxes recommend that you use crystals instead of clay litter. The reason for that is the clay will often clump, making it harder for the comb to sweep the waste into the compartment.

Another perk of the self-cleaning cat litter box is that it is very effective in containing odors. The silica crystals help to absorb liquid, eliminating the strong ammonia scent of cat urine immediately. The hard waste also has the liquid extracted by the crystals, which kills the odor from the waste. This means you can go away for a long weekend or even a business trip that lasts a few days and not come home to a nasty smelling home or a frustrated cat that has lived with a dirty litter box.

With no odor and a clean area for your cat to return to next time, a litter box that is self cleaning means less work for you and a more pleasant place to practice good hygiene for your cat. Why not visit your local pet store to day and check into one of the self-cleaning cat litter box models in stock? You may find this type of litter box to be ideal for you and your cat.

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