Why You Should NOT Toilet Train Your Cat

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29 Responses

  1. LilyCity92
    | Reply

    Are collars ok? My cats dealt with them really well from the first day and
    I’ve removed every bells because I think they need to be able to hunt and
    move in silence if they want to. But I also need those collars so that if
    they get lost and someone find them, they will know who they belong to and
    take them back to me. Is it cruel? ç___ç

  2. Clarrisani
    | Reply

    We got our first cat because we had a mouse issue. We got our second cat to
    a) help the first cat, b) keep the first cat company while we were at work,
    and c) because it chose us while we were at a shelter. When a cat adopts
    you you don’t say no.

  3. Bruineca
    | Reply

    GREAT speech. And it holds true not only for cats but for all animals.
    Enough of the egocentric human pleasures at the expense of naturaly
    beautiful and sane creatures who do not need any form of input from such a
    diseased-riddled species such as humans!

  4. jordanowen42
    | Reply

    Jackson: Would love to hear you have a waffle about the movie Milo and
    Otis, what with the way the cats were treated in that.

    | Reply

    I can’t agree with Mr. Galaxy on how assigning them to do tricks degrades
    cats and that we don’t “degrade” ourselves the same way. Humans have jobs
    and get paid to benefit another person or a group of people, even royalty
    are not born to sit around and be pampered all day. I don’t think Mr.
    Galaxy feels degraded when he does his job, so why would a cat feel
    degraded for doing a trick? If a cat didn’t want to ride a skate board it
    wouldn’t, no matter what prize it got for such a job, the trainer obviously
    makes the cat feel like it is doing a job worth working for. I also do
    think it is important to distinguish between clothes that are there to
    benefit the animal and clothes that are not. Collars and harnesses are not
    clothing that we would find any wild cat caught dead in, yet we put such
    items on our cats for their safety to distinguish them from wild cats. I
    have also been reading articles about cats with skin conditions that are
    required to wear shirts whenever they are held to protect themselves. 

  6. rokedetbamidbar8
    | Reply

    Agree about everything, I hate those stupid outfits, people trying to get
    cats to use toilets, and cat circuses?????
    Humans constantly get it all wrong, but cats are patient.
    You are so right, cats should be admired, loved, worshiped even, for being –

  7. SassyMustang1980
    | Reply

    Jackson Quick question.. My cat uses the litter box, but still has the urge
    to pee on the carpet behind the tv.. any ideas how I can discourage this
    behavior.. he is both indoor and outdoor.. he goes out all day and comes
    back inside for a few days.. he can come and go when he wants.. but the
    peeing behind the tv is annoying, specially since its a brand new carpet..
    any advice would be awesome thanks.. 

  8. celestialann
    | Reply

    Why on earth does my cat go to the bathroom at the same time as me? Is this
    a territorial thing? A dominance thing? Or just my cat being a weirdo? Lol 

  9. RikoLime
    | Reply

    Why you should NOT toilet train your cat: It only works about half the time
    anyway, and only really works if you have 1 cat, maybe 2, and only if
    theyre generally the same size, and are generally medium sized (or small)

    Ill admit, I tried it. It didnt work. I have one tiny cat, and a huge
    Ragdoll. Both would try, but the tiny one likes to stand as she pees, and
    would miss, and the ragdoll would try to use it correctly, and miss because
    his big ol’ booty! My black cat downright refused to use it (she would just
    poo in the tub two feet away). It was FAR more trouble than it was worth in
    the long-run, and my toilet was always filled with litter. I couldnt even
    use it without cleaning it first. I totally agree it is not okay to do, but
    for different reasons.

    I think if you teach cats any tricks (for lack of a better word other than
    “trick”), it should be something they normally do, that is just too damn
    cute to let it be that “once in a blue moon” rare occasion. My Ragdoll
    likes to play with (and fetch!) straws or the hand/stick portions of
    “broken” toys (toys that were “fishing pole” toys but the toy and string
    have broken off the handle). I didnt force it. He merely did it one day, I
    praised him, and threw the stick/straw again. He brought it back again.
    More times and praise, and he will do it flawlessly now years after
    originally doing so. Is it cute? Heck yes. Is it a trick? One could say
    yes, it is. But does he love doing it? … Lets see, he purrs the whole
    time and meows if I dont throw it again! Id say yes!

  10. Nannerchan
    | Reply

    I had a cat that toilet trained himself. I got him really young. He had a
    litter box, but one time I came down with the flu and my maintenance wasn’t
    up to snuff. He decided to use the toilet himself. He was really smart. 

  11. Grant Denvit
    | Reply

    Jackson my cat arches me a lot. Would you declaw it or not 

  12. Michelle Fioravanti Péres
    | Reply

    Jackson, what do you think about regular bathing? My vet says it is
    healthier for the cat and that there is not a single problem on bathing it
    every 15 days.
    I’m an allergic person, so I need to bath my cat regularly, but is it good
    for the cat? I mean… I suppose the liking is not enough for a pet that
    lives inside of my house and often jump into my bed. 

  13. Gary Paton
    | Reply

    My old apartment wasn’t adequately heated during the winter, so it was
    always cold inside. The only time I’d see my cat out and about was when she
    was wearing her sweater, otherwise she’d be under my blankets or she’ll
    crawl into my hoodie and stay there all day.

    Although it was adorable having her crawl through the neck of my sweater to
    sleep in all the time, I could walk around with her in there no problem. 

  14. Roxana's place
    | Reply

    Pet owners should watch this video!!! (cats & dogs)

  15. TheWiseMagpie1
    | Reply

    I so agree with every word you said! It goes for EVERY animal! 

  16. Julie Parsley
    | Reply

    Hi I have 2 cats. One spaded and the other is in heat all the vets are book
    bad waiting list so I called and begged and she will be fixed the 9th. But
    I have 2 litter boxes. I to trim their nail only because I have a three
    pound Chihuahua and I don’t want her to get hurt. I do not but clothes on
    the dog or my cats I think it’s ridiculous to put clothes on any animal you
    take care Jackson

  17. CreekValleyCritters
    | Reply

    You can’t make a blanket statement that all tricks and dressing of animals
    is bad, it all depends on how it is done. I train my mice to do tricks and
    they just LOVE it. They crave the attention and using their little brains
    to get treats, all animals LOVE clicker training. It is an excellent way to
    bond with your animal, and does not have to be demeaning in any way. It can
    also enhance an animal’s dignity and wonderfulness. I feel a sense of awe
    when my little mice perform their tricks, it gives me an enhanced
    appreciation for what those tiny little brains can do. There is a line that
    can cross over into demeaning, this is mostly though a taste issue, when
    does it become silly and demeaning to an animal is hard to define. I don’t
    like cats and dogs dressed up in human clothes but a ferret in a sweater is
    somehow cute. As long as the animal is having fun and is not being stressed
    or abused, it really is not necessarily a bad thing. Bad taste maybe, but
    not bad for the animal. Pets love to be fussed over and given attention.

  18. zeusbark
    | Reply

    Well… if a cat could speak english, it would say HELL NO to taking his
    balls of

  19. MercuryAlphaInc
    | Reply

    I think Mr. Galaxy and I would get along quite well! We seem to think the
    same way about cats and how to deal with them. I actually do think “what a
    beautiful animal” whenever I see one of my cats prowl around or even if
    they’re just sitting or lying about. When I look at them, something in my
    mind goes “That’s perfection right there.” Build for speed, stalking,
    hiding, hunting, etc… combined with the obvious intelligence that kind of
    smolders in their eyes when you look at them… It’s just the perfect
    animal in my opinion.
    I always cringe when I see people play dress-up with their animals, be it
    dogs or cats, or people acting like they’re their “babies” and walk them
    around in strollers. Sure, I act quite protective and very loving towards
    my cats (I actually do consider them being close to what I’d consider my
    children) but I do realize they’re still animals and should be able to act
    and be free like they want. I do limit some things (like letting them
    outside on their own to roam the neighbourhood. I’ve seen enough cats in my
    street perish under the wheels of a car or being poisoned, so I don’t let
    them out unsupervised) but they can do their thing around the house as long
    as they play by the basic “Cat and Owner Home” rules, like using the
    litterbox and not scratching up the furniture/walls.
    Watching “My Cat from Hell” and actually watching these as well have given
    me a better understanding of my fur-companions and helped solve quite a few
    problems we had in the past and some recent ones as well, which Mr. Galaxy
    has my gratitude for!

  20. TheGuardDuck
    | Reply

    Seriously? You think never doing anything your cat doesnt want is a good
    thing? What if you raised children that way?? Do you think theyd learn
    respect and authority without discipline?

    The biggest reason i love cats is that they have personalities similar to
    humans. They have dignity and pride, and a calm, rational attitude,
    compared with a boot licking dog. You can physically abuse a dog and it
    will thank you, but a cat will just leave.

    That said, baby a cat enough and it gets arrogant and selfish. Our first
    cat did, before we knew what we were doing.
    And my sisters cat became her cat and not the family’s cat because she
    dressed her up and played with her as a hyper kitten. Kitty didnt enjoy it,
    but she bonded with my sister for life!

    Maybe i misunderstand, but i think something is not quite right about this
    teaching. Train a dog and its humility will let it take pride in how well
    it obeys; obviously a cat is no dog, but without guidence, discipline, and
    a little difficulty in life to keep it humble, and you have a snotty brat
    on your hands. Treat a cat as an equal, and he’ll treat you as a servant!
    He’ll whine and beg for food, always want his own way, and never respect
    you as a master of the house.

    The best cat we ever had was a male tabby who lived outside in the day as a
    mouser. We brought him in as he aged, and he was the most mature, well
    behaved cat we ever had. He died from something he must have caught out
    there, but his hard life made him an admirable person, with all the traits
    we value in a human: patient, observant, slow to speak, slow to wrath, wise
    and understanding, and always affectionate. He’d lay on my chest while i
    was recovering from surgery and could not sit, just to be with me. How many
    cats do that?

    Difficulty builds character, in man and beast. Obviously, dont be stupid
    and abuse your cat, but making its life ‘interesting’ by dressing it up and
    so forth, if anything it will quash some of its natural arrogance. Unless
    you do it so much he now hates you! :)

    | Reply

    Don’t put clothing on you’re cat put a cape on him or her

  22. AngelBabyschannel
    | Reply

    I agree with the points made in this video, but according to this logic, I
    should not brush my persian mix cat. Who came from a shelter by the way.
    She doesn’t like it and it wouldn’t be done in the wild. However if I do
    not do it she would become a matted mess, which is painful I assume. She
    grooms herself but it doesn’t keep the matts away. I guess then, if I don’t
    do it and get turned in for neglect of my baby, that your argument would
    get me out of that problem, of being charged with neglect. If not I’m sure
    YOU will not be getting me out of the situation either. Just a point I had
    to make. There are some things they have to go thru that they wouldn’t in
    the wild. I don’t like brushing her long fine hair that is easily tangled.
    Just as much as she doesn’t like me to do it.

  23. dragonsissiy
    | Reply

    I love my kitties so much! I don’t dress them up or anything, they are my
    family. <3 I have 3 of my kitties around me right now.

  24. Bone Daddy
    | Reply

    “man, that is one gorgeous animal. I immediately need to put a hat on that

  25. LostMatrix
    | Reply

    I mostly agree with what he says. Although I have conflicting opinions on
    the trick matter. My cat Dooley is a ridiculously hyper cat (aren’t they
    all) and I absolutely love it. I play with him all the time I can. Chasing
    things, leaping for feathers, and heck, I run around the house and he
    chases around. He just loves to be doing something. But there are times
    when I know he wants to slow down for a bit. I’ve been working on teaching
    him simple commands like sit and stay and come. I don’t see how these can
    be degrading in any way. I clicker train him and he responds beautifully to
    it. If he gets bored and wants to move on, so be it. There’s no way I’m
    going to force him to do something he doesn’t like. But simple commands are
    fun and different I think. He really enjoys them as well. I really don’t
    see the harm in doing that. He used to be a very shy cat but after working
    a bit on clicker training he’s become more comfortable.. This I know also
    comes form just being around me but that’s beside the point. Yes, I
    absolutely agree cats are beautiful and amazing. Of course we let cats be
    cats. But what’s the harm in teaching them little tricks like that? 

  26. Grammar Nazi
    | Reply


    Please repent for all your sins, and accept cats as your masters and
    I SWEAR I AM NOT TRYING TO BE FUNNY. I’m dead serious, cats are the
    superior life form on earth, they are perfect in every way. We need to
    start worshiping them like old Egyptians. Perfection has to be copied and
    praised, and cats are the best symbol for perfection. 

  27. Hannah Sheeran
    | Reply

    i love you dude… i have got my first kitten and i love him to peices and
    i love that he loves to snuggle but when he wants to hunt and play i allow
    him and i encourage it because i know its his nature! He is a stunning cat
    that i love and i want him to be a natural cat! Declawing your cat is vile
    and just ruins the cat! The scratches and bite marks are a show that you
    are in the cat club haha

  28. BlueGamer
    | Reply

    Jackson there is a cat outside my freinds yard that has no collar never had
    a persone take it or come near it but one day when i was in the yard the
    cat went near me and started to sit in my lap and every time a go to
    another place in the yard it follows me should i take it home?

  29. Fuzzy Wuzzy
    | Reply

    I dont have issues with what my cat does in the litter box or even cleaning
    the litterbox. I have issues with my house smelling like cat shit and cat

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