Why Does My Ferret Do This? [HD]

Swiper the ferret hates having her litter box where it is, but I don’t know why. In this video I’ve tied the litter box from around the cage with a leash. Just when I thought it was going well, she manages to lift it over the leash and out of the corner.
I can’t have the litter box anywhere else, or where Swiper wants it to be, because then they poop outside the litter box.
It’s no big deal, I just have to move it back every single time.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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6 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Sylvester
    | Reply

    Even though this was 4 years ago, that pink leash at the front that's hanging inside the cage is hazardous and your ferret can get hurt or die. Just making an observation.

  2. pukedragon
    | Reply

    They want to move it because they know that they can, and they know you don't want them to.  If you get it set up so that they can't move it, after some time, they will stop trying.  They will also stop trying if you let them move it, but when you move it back they never see or hear you do it, easier said than done.  If they know you are moving it back, it becomes a game to them. 

  3. Cayla Standifird
    | Reply

    Your ferret is bored and will do this sorrda like osd but differnt

  4. K BM
    | Reply

    i had to wire my ferrets litter box to their cage haha. it just amuses them to move it:]

  5. Death Ghost
    | Reply

    Shared your page.
    Best of luck, I know that ferrets are like your babies.

  6. K BM
    | Reply

    Hey, if you see our 2 missing ferrets anywhere online please let me know. they were lost in Costa Mesa, CA and we know someone has them. There's a $1,000 Reward
    facebook search "2MissingFerrets1000Reward" thanks!

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