WHS Ad – July 10 2006 – Please Adopt Me!

Anita, 121810

Anita’s representing she & her sister Nakita, both are awaiting adoption at Petcetera on Regent Avenue, 661-0790. These two large & lovely ladies (Great Pyrenees/Shepherd crosses) need a home together- we do not want to separate them, they love each other so much! A country or farm home would probably be an ideal placement- Pyrenees are often used as guardian dogs for flocks of sheep, etc. so they’re very intelligent dogs. Both are ~4 years of age & very mellow, gentle giants. We recommend kids aged 12+ as they’re a little shy. If you know of someone who may be interested in adding to their family, please tell them about Anita & Nakita! $238.00 for both includes their spays, vaccine, microchips, pet insurance, behavioural evaluations & more!

Paulette, 121817

Are you a rodent lover? Ever had a rat or hamster you were really proud of? Then maybe a degu is for you! Degus are fascinating, active & social little critters native to Chile. Degus can live to be ~9 years of age and are very quick- they love to jump, dart & run around. Degus are probably very different from any other rodent you’ve ever owned and due to how quick they can be, we recommend older or no children for degus. Paulette is part of a pair- Georgette is also needing a home. These two ladies have been awaiting adoption for over 2 months, and frankly, they’re getting a little bored of us! $45.00 adoption fee includes their health exams, a 14-day health period as well as a degu ownership handbook.

Fees include vet exam, vaccine, pet insurance, microchip & much more!

If you would like to adopt one of these pets, please contact:

Chantal Young,
Adoption Coordinator
Phone: (204) 982-3558
Email: chantaly@humanesociety.mb.ca

The Winnipeg Humane Society
5 Kent Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R2L 1X3
Phone: (204) 982-2021
Fax: (204) 982-2047


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