WHS Ad – February 5, 2008 – Please Adopt Me

Gabi, 150009

The WHS needs your help to find Gabi a home! This adorable 4-month-old female German Shepherd suffered horrible injuries as a puppy, resulting in a broken facial bone and leg. As an 8-week-old puppy, it was a lot to go through! She has been in and out of foster care while recovering from her injuries. As you may imagine, she will have some special needs as she grows up. She’ll always have limited vision and may end up completely blind. Gabi is a playful, spirited and happy puppy who longs for a home again. She loves cats! We suspect she’d do well with another calm, well trained dog at home who can kind of act as her ‘seeing eye buddy’- it may also help to fine tune manners and socialization, which are coming along nicely!

Nooners, 87989

Nooners is part of a dashing duo of cats who need a home together. Nooners is just over 7 years old; his best pal is Nixon, a 4 year old shorthaired white cat. Both were surrendered to us due to allergies. We’d absolutely love to keep both cats together- joint adoption fee is $80.00 and includes their vet exams, first vaccines, pet insurance & more!

If you would like to adopt one of these pets, please contact:

Chantal Young
Adoption Coordinator

The Winnipeg Humane Society
45 Hurst Way
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3T 0R3
Tel: 204.982.3558
Fax: 204.982.3550
Email: chantaly@humanesociety.mb.ca

Saving just one dog won’t change the world… but it surely will change the world for that one dog

Adoption fees include vet exam, spay/neuter, pet insurance & more! http://www.winnipeghumanesociety.ca for more information.

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3 Responses

  1. B
    | Reply

    What I think is the winnipeg humane society need to get better employees, every time I deal with them over the phone there attitude sucks and prevents animals from getting homes.

    1) I had applied to foster years ago & never heard back
    2) Had wanted to adopt but needed to see the dog would get along with my cats, was not allowed on a trial bases
    3) and today had just phoned to see if someone had brought in a dog strayed on the beach, for I had not been able to get dog off my mind & wanted to adopt him. women on other end of phone did not go to much efforts to check for me & try to be of any help just rude.

    I am a wonderful responsible pet owner & have had many pets in my years, my home is has always been to the max with strays. unfortuantley the only ones who suffer are the pets that need homes. AND THAT IS WHAT I THINK ABOUT THE WINNIPEG HUMANE SOCIETY ADOPTION (what a shame need some changes & have heard several people speak the same)

  2. spacecowboy
    | Reply

    I agree with the previous comment. The WHS reception/general inquiries receptionist(s) is rude. They have no information, other than providing all the numbers that are available on their website…and that’s if they even answer their phone. Understanding that the WHS is underfunded, I volunteered to help out with office duties; I never heard back from them (and I have extensive volunteer experience.)
    I also attempted adoption and they were completely judgmental that I would leave my prospective animal home during the day while I worked – they’re animals, not babies! I’ve worked and grew up with animals and they questioned my motives, which I understand and support, however I dislike being treated like some kind of puppy snatcher. Who wants to adopt an animal in need when the humans in charge of the process treat the adopters with outright disrespect and suspicion? I will never again support this organization and the valiant efforts put forth by their insolent and asinine administrative staff.

  3. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    There are a lot of shelters out there and here in Winnipeg with a lot of animals coming in every day who are in need …

    I used to think Ann Landers said this .. but it’s actually a book Motivational Speaker Richard Carlson that was published after his death ..

    “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and it’s all Small Stuff”

    (life’s too short)

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