White kitten Vs White bunny ! (Very Funny video!)

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description


What do you think?

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28 Responses

  1. KariLaruss
    | Reply

    right? though bunnies are always shaking and breathing really fast, i have one, they are very stressed out animals, but i would have stopped my cat if it was doing this, cuz ouch…

  2. CreamCappuccino
    | Reply

    Cuties!!! Furry white balls <333

  3. TooTrue2
    | Reply

    Kitteh sez bunny has a flavor… he must be nom noms…

  4. RoboDollie
    | Reply

    Have some mercy!
    I’m sure the bunnies can improve with a little bit of counselling. 🙂

    | Reply


  6. insaneguitarfreak
    | Reply

    too cute^^

  7. PokemonBoosterBuster
    | Reply


  8. Moggychan
    | Reply

    As cute as they are this isn’t exactly funny… although the kitten is just a baby and doesn’t know exactly what its doing yet it still has instincts which means that it’s being told that, “Hey…I think this thing is food…” so yeah. The kitten might not have done much damage but it’s better to separate them once it starts biting or it might trigger more aggression as the kitten gets older.

  9. asianette
    | Reply


  10. GinKadia
    | Reply

    That’s not funny

  11. justbec66
    | Reply

    that is so not funny! why would you upload this or even let this happen, that poor rabbit – that’s not playing, that kitten thinks that bunny is food.

  12. AslKayKay11
    | Reply

    no the kitten is acting like its mama cause it is trying to pick it up by the scruff like mama does to it

  13. nichole307
    | Reply

    its Mean But Cute.. i understand Why You upload it.

    Kitty: mmm. Lunch.. Food..
    Bunny: Get the Hell away! *Hops*
    Kitty: *Bite*
    Bunny: *Hop*

    i Mean its Mean But its cute at the Same Time.

  14. iEmma1974
    | Reply


  15. akulkis
    | Reply

    Kittin: “I just know you have some food someplace. Hey, quit moving. I’m just trying to find some food. I know you got some. Hey, I said stop moving. Where’s that food?

  16. XlightninX
    | Reply

    the cylons couldnt the imperials couldnt the goa uld couldnt the ori couldnt the replicators couldnt (yeah im mentioning sci fi stuff cuz they are space invaders as well! only they werent as sly as the dreaded bunny monsters!!)

  17. pumpkin340
    | Reply

    lol its cute…. the kitten is still small so it doesnt kno what its doin yet….. good joke akulkis lol

  18. snsh13
    | Reply

    That kitten is lucky it’s not messing with a mean rabbit. I’ve had a rabbit that was 14lbs. and got REALLY mean especially when it was pregnant…It even scared a full grown Pug away.

  19. evilrobotstudios
    | Reply

    kick em in the face bunneh

  20. nos145
    | Reply

    the kitten is trying to groom the bunny @ first
    then when bunny starts hopping around it gets playful.

    dono how this kitty was raised but my cats never retract their claws, thus they never scratch or hurt any1. they just pummel at you with the fluffy legs (Y)

    the point being no1 got hurt here and i liked the music so 5/5

  21. Shestarr
    | Reply

    some of u had GOT to be some of the dumbest… the kitten was trying to put up the rabbit by the back of the neck. That’s the way the mommy cats pick up their kittens. And because the rabbit has no extra skin, it wasn’t working out. So the rabbit probably thought it was trying to eat/bite/hurt him, so he tried to hop away. You can tell when the kitten started swatting at him that the claws weren’t out.. LOL!

  22. HardyCrunk
    | Reply

    Does anyone know the name of the song that is playing?

  23. mittman44
    | Reply

    the cat is a rapist

  24. kyosohmalover112
    | Reply

    my friend had a massive rabbit that growled O.o

  25. JoyJoyization
    | Reply

    aww both soooo adorable! I wish I could own them!

  26. hart
    | Reply

    I like the background music on this video! but, that white kitten just wanted to play~

  27. Ed
    | Reply

    Cute stuff. But the rabbit needs some lessons on how to play with a cat.

  28. Melanie Vasquez
    | Reply

    They are so cute. I think that the kitten finds the bunny very delicious :D. I love animals, especially cats. I can just stay at home and play with this adorable pets. Thank you for this video.


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