Where Did All The Pens Go, Dusty?

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Good Morning Hart, I am prompted to come and share a story with you and your readers. This is a funny story from a good friend of mine, who owns a Golden Retriever and a cat, Dusty.

Under The Carpet

Our cat, Dusty, has toys galore. He, however, would rather have a pen or pencil. In my workroom there are many of these "goodies" and every day he manages to get at least one or two from my desk. Off he goes. For quite some time it was a mystery. Where did all the pens go? One day when we pulled the couch out in the living room, we heard a "crunch". Hmmm. Mystery solved. Every pen was under the corner of the carpet. We decided to watch and what a funny sight to see Dusty, working his little heart out to get the pen pushed under the carpet.

Since I am a piano teacher, I now occasionally say to one of my students "can you get me a pen from under the carpet in the living room please?" It certainly causes a lot of giggles. Dusty gives a sigh because he knows that he will have to keep working hard to get the pens back where they belong, under the carpet.

ps : Also come and read a dedication poem to her "Shep", a beloved Border Collie.  Come an read it on my happypetstop blog

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