When rats do not get along…

I made this video for educational purposes only. I am not trying to upset anyone. I also want to point out that this is not common. Most rats end up getting along with no issues. I wanted to keep my rats happy and safe so keeping Solana was not an option for me. I already have two large cages in my home and the rescue told me that they would take her back if things didnt work out.

How to properly introduce pet rats:

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Don't fight you little faggots

  2. TerminalMontage [Jeremey] says:

    Why do the females hump

  3. artmakersworlds says:

    Awesome video. My daughter is on her way right now to pick up three new rats. She had two who died last year. New house, moving, held off on replacements. They sure are cool pets though.

  4. Landcruiser Toy says:

    jakkes shit in your bath, i hope you not go in that.

  5. Gretchen Atherton says:

    Are the three rats in the bathroom girls?

  6. Johnny Kaldani says:

    Hi Rat Girl. I’d like to introduce my friend, Cat Lady. LOL

  7. Maria Huerta says:

    That black rat is a big dick dude……

  8. Im looking into getting unwanted rats from craigslist but most are singular rats. how do you introduce two new rats while still getting them to trust you?

  9. I recently got a new rat… and my rat i had already had dont really like each other. But when I put them on my bed together.. they got along fine. But when i put them in the cage together they would fight, and the new rat got a bite. What do I do? i don’t have another cage to keep the new one in.

  10. Iris Goldlord says:

    I have a rat she looks like she has deer fur any idea what color she is?? I can't find any info about her..

  11. Mia and stuff says:

    I got a new rat and put them in the tub and they just tried to get out

  12. CookieHam27 says:

    3:54 hello darkness my old friend

  13. Alon Birman says:

    My two rats live separately, and I find them suddenly together in the cage. one of them opened the separating part and just went in the other half. They sometimes had a small "fight" but never squealed, and they just returned to not mind each other. They also ate with each other and groomed themselves near each other. I ended up separating them just for sure, but it's a good sign, right?
    I am thinking of just letting it open and seeing how it goes, because one of them is really sweet, and the other bites me (not him) at whatever chance he gets. One recommendation I got to try to fix it, was introduce him to another rat because he was really bored all by himself. I am thinking maybe this is an exception.
    Would like your honest opinion :)

  14. Very informative. Thank you.

  15. Melodicsiren says:

    Rats also squeak a little when playing or grooming too though right? Sometimes I hear some noises, but the three of them sleep in a pile and no one is hurt or anything. it's not loud or drawn out, just little random beeps every once in a while, sometimes a few in a row, and they roll around sometimes, but it doesn't seem aggressive?

  16. Alexis Wilkes says:

    Selana was the one that needed to leave

  17. laughing donkey says:

    Have you ever been bitten?

  18. Alon Raigorodetsky says:

    guys I have two rats both females one is 2 yeras old the other 2 months old i noticed that the older rat will usually catch the small rat and lick the small one and than lightly bite her once she starts to lightly bite the young rat, the young rat would squick a bit and start to get on the back of the old rat and when she gets on the back of the old rat the old rat start to squick. what to do is it a good sign bad sign if it is bad what to do?

  19. Undead Warrior says:

    Fuck rats kill em all

  20. Boxing, for some reason i thought the two rats was slow dancing.

  21. Brenda princesa Lindaa says:

    That grey rat is a bully
    The white and black one just wants to be left alone

  22. Deborah Rowland says:

    Great videos.Your rats are beautiful too.I havent been by here in a while.Keep up the good work and Have a good Halloween!

  23. Georgia And pets says:

    I have two sisters and they were fine and now they are really going for each other I really need your help as they are really starting to give each other injuries help me please I love them bother so much.

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