Wheaten Terriers: How to Teach Your Dog: Obedience Training Tips & Tricks : How to Train Your Wheaten Terrier to Come When Called

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Learn how to train your Wheaten Terrier to come when you call in this free online dog obedience training video for pet owners.

What do you think?

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14 Responses

  1. vampiricconure
    | Reply

    This – and the other videos I’ve seen – will be incredibly useful for when I start training my whippet for service dog work :-D. Thanks for posting these!

  2. sheryl1995
    | Reply

    Thats good i wish my border collie could do that but he is 3 is that to late

  3. Krookcatcher
    | Reply

    In June we got our first Soft Coated, Cooper.
    He’s funny, affectionate, stubborn, very very smart who needs alot of mental stimulation. He is 4 months old and when we got him at 12 wks we immediately started with the “come” because as the trainer says, it’s the most important word a pet can learn. It can save it’s life.

    Wonderful informative video and thanks,

    Trish, Cooper and family

  4. rodgeriguez
    | Reply

    blimey you even have a video for a Wheaten

  5. lamp4shade
    | Reply

    my wheaton is so smart he doesn’t bark ive tought him not to beacause we have a baby he comes if u pat ur legs and sits at command

  6. sasukeuchihacurse1
    | Reply

    my wheaten terrie is smart he never barks but only when he hears a doorbell lol on the tv and he like does this deep bark its so cute

  7. darren1673
    | Reply

    my wheaten bitch was easy to train but there are some things they will just not do ,mine wants to be with me all the time , they are a very social dog , good with other dogs but they dont suffer fools ,my wheaten will face any other agressive dog down in a second but never snaps first

  8. MrCrayonInk95
    | Reply

    BULL SHIT LOL my wheatin doesnt even lift his freakin ear when i call him he gives me like no respect lol we DID take him to obidence school when he was young too. WASTE OF 100 friggen bucks LMAO

  9. rune6cape
    | Reply


  10. binkolinus
    | Reply

    maybe your dog doesn’t see you as his leader?

  11. CaninesCanDo
    | Reply

    Visit caninescando channel to see a Wheaten Terrier dancing.

  12. CLSMaestroView
    | Reply

    Great. We have two Wheatens. They are different as night and pickles. One sleep on he bed; the other is a corner sleeper. One loves swimming; The other is scared silly. One was free from the used animal store; the other was quite expensive. We have had four of them over the last 20 years. One was killed by the evil UPS truck; one is burried in the yard; and the two we have now are thriving. Watch the jump on YouTube WHEATEN CIRCUS TRICKS.

  13. Emilinepinkie
    | Reply

    @MrCrayonInk95 well i can see that you are mad at your dog. You need to reward it, and pet it, and be nice to it. REMBER: NO SWEARING AND BEING IN A BAD TONE

  14. CaninesCanDo
    | Reply

    What happened to this dog’s beautiful coat? Doesn’t really look like a Wheaten.

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