What’s the First Thing I Should Train My Bird?

Learn how to prevent problem behaviors in your parrots before they happen. This video discusses ways on how to socialize your bird to different people and desensitize them to different environments. The goal of this video is to help parrot owners to be able to safely integrate their birds into their family and to prevent or treat phobic behavior in pet birds. My goal is to help pet parrots to be able to keep their homes and out of shelters.

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11 Responses

  1. Diego Fernandez
    | Reply

    Adopted african grey he is 2 years old.. but also he is very agressive. He keeps bite me what should i do

  2. Kristen CC
    | Reply

    Everyday I'm learning more. My grey is eating pellets fairly well it seems and other healthier foods. Now it's just the veg haha. She loved carrots now she won't touch them (I clearly have a fussy bird!!) I just really want to learn how to get my Bella to be in my hand like smokie is. That's amazing. Thanks for so many helpful videos

  3. Sami Malik
    | Reply

    Brother speak less show more….!!

  4. Evan Hollander
    | Reply

    teach your birdto talk like a porn star.

  5. Brian Hannon
    | Reply

    how do u teach them to get a ball

  6. Brian Becker
    | Reply

    I have an African Grey that seems really afraid of me. She was very friendly when I first got her she was 4 yrs old but timid. Now she is 10 and very shy and afraid to go on my finger but gives me kisses no problem and will step up if i ask her. She just seems to be very skiddish & I cant seem to understand if its cuZ I got an Green Cheek about 3 yrs ago & spend time with him, or what exactly is the issue. At first I moved the cages & noticed the change right away so after a while moved her back & she seemed to be better, but was picking her tail feathers out to the point of blood. She has stopped that, but still is very timid. She is an Temeah Grey not an Congo. Has a very gentle personality and I want to just communicate with her. Any advise?

  7. Kerri Lewis Doecke
    | Reply

    I have had Gala's before and cockateles but not parrots. I bought one a few days ago 5 months old. She is a Indian ring neck. So different to the others…I'm watching ur vids to learn lol

  8. NA suzy Q
    | Reply

    wow! "learned helplessness" must also apply to dogs! my rescued pomeranian dog froze whenever I picked him up or even reached out to pet him. he lived in a crate for his first 8+ years and was only in contact with others when he was to be mated. he didn't even know his name. it has taken me 2 years of patiently showing him there are good humans in the world too. his fear has abated with me… it is lovely to watch him frisk and play and even ask to be petted! my heart is joyful for his escape from fear.

  9. Bill Rappe
    | Reply

    I'm having a lot of trouble with my baby parrot I've had her for 2 weeks and I still can't get her out of the cage without chasing her around her squawking at me. I have an outside perch that I get her on it's kind of weird because I could kneel down and give her kisses on her forehead and stuff but my hands come around she loses it… the cage chasing around and stuff I'm afraid that I might hurt her or something

  10. Evelyn Friese
    | Reply

    what happened when you are bird is fly around in his cage because he's scared of vacuum cleaner ?

  11. Ricardo Martinez
    | Reply

    If I had a friend with this bird, my life would be complete.

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