What's in Your Pet's Food: Is Buying a Top Premium Dog Food Worth the Money?

What’s in Your Pet’s Food: Is Buying a Top Premium Dog Food Worth the Money?

By Valerie Goettsch

There is a lot of controversy with dog owners over which dog food is better. Some people have no idea what makes a good dog food. They buy the most expensive brand because they assume it must be a top quality dog food. Others feel that dog food is dog food and if their dog seems to be healthy then they see no reason to spend the extra money on a premium brand.

Before we look at dog food costs, let’s begin with what makes a good dog food. A top quality dog food depends on the quality of ingredients and the nutritional power of the food. It should offer a balanced diet and contain superior sources of protein as one of the first two ingredients. This can include whole fresh meats or single-source meat meal like chicken meal (rather than poultry meal). A top dog food would also contain whole, unprocessed grains plus vegetables and even fruits. It would have few fillers such as corn, soy, brewer’s rice and wheat bran. It would use natural preservatives instead of chemicals like propylene glycol and BHT or BHT.

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