What's All The Buzz About Underground Dog Fences?

What’s All The Buzz About Underground Dog Fences?

by Kirsten Hawkins

The new craze on the puppy circuit is underground dog fences. Simply put, underground fences are electronic containment systems designed to teach pets their boundaries while in your yard. They use a small “shock” which is transmitted through an electronic collar. These hidden fences can actually contain your dog within the barrier without forking out the expenses of putting up a fence. While most dogs don’t like being kenneled up for long periods of time while you are working or the kids are at school, this gives them the option of roaming the front and back yard and letting them have a sense of freedom, but only where the invisible fence will allow them.

The advantage of having an underground dog fence is that you won’t have to resort to ropes, chains and cages, which some people consider inhumane and unhealthy for your dog.

While wire fences are expensive, can be dug under or jumped over and allow for little exercise, they can also distract from the beauty of landscapes and in most cases decrease the property value of your home. Underground fences are reasonably priced and invisible, meaning that nobody will even know it’s there except you and your dog!

Here’s how it works. When a dog approaches the fenced area, he’ll receive a warning tone. Then, if after two seconds he hasn’t retreated back, the tone will the be followed by a mild electrical jolt, transmitted through a device connected to his collar. The jolt will be harmless and painless to your pet and matched to his specific temperament. If he still chooses to not retreat back, the electrical jolt then sets itself to the highest level to prevent the dog from running through it.

Although the underground dog fence is safe for all dogs, it is recommended that you wait until your puppy is between the ages of 16 and 20 weeks before trying to train him with the system.

Easily installed, underground dog fences will give your dog freedoms that he may not otherwise have. While dogs tend to be nosey, trying to cross the street, going into the neighbor’s yard, digging in your flower garden or chasing those passing by, the underground system will quickly teach him where he is and isn’t allowed to go.

Check with your local pet supply stores for information on underground dog fences and pricing. Just as you need freedom and exercise, so does your dog. Remember, he is part of your family and it is your job, as his owner and caretaker, to be sure he is safe and healthy. With an underground dog fence you can give him that safety and independence that dogs love so much. You might even get a warm smile and thank you from the mailman!!


About the Author

Kirsten Hawkins is a dog lover and animal expert from Nashville, TN. Visit http://www.doghealth411.com/ for more information on dog health, the care of dogs, and dog travel.

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