What You Should Know About Bathing Your Dog At Home

What You Should Know About Bathing Your Dog At Home

By Shannon Lynnes Heggem

Many people bathe their dogs at home, which can be a fun experience for both you and your pet. Professional groomers usually urge people to try this at home, at least once. It will either be a great bonding experience, or you will appreciate your groomer even more!

You need to choose an appropriate location. In the warmer months, the front lawn may seem like a good choice. It can be, as long as the pet isn’t rinsed with cold water from the hose. We wouldn’t enjoy an ice-cold shower, even in hot weather, and dogs don’t, either. It can also be dangerous if the pet is overheated to begin with, as the cold water prohibits the dog’s natural cooling system from lowering his body temperature. So the location that you choose needs to have access to warm, running water. Laundry rooms are a popular choice, with the utility tubs doubling as bathtubs for smaller dogs. If the room has a floor drain, it can also be a good bathing location for the bigger dogs to stand over.

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