What You Need To Carry When You Travel With Your Dog

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What You Need To Carry When You Travel With Your Dog

What You Need To Carry When You Travel With Your Dog
by Terrie Simpson

Spring is here and with the onset of warm weather, comes more dog shows and our annual vacations, plus the urge to take a Sunday drive. However, we sometimes neglect the needs of our pets or do not take extra precautions for unseen emergencies. If you cannot board your pet, or leave it at home and find that you must take it with you please make sure you provide adequate ventilation and water in your vehicle. Plus you should read up on heat stroke and heat prostration. Below is a simple check list to ensure your pet is provided for under normal circumstances and in the event of an emergency:

• a comfortable crate or seatbelt harness

• 2 leashes (your usual one and a spare)

• a spare collar

• ample water for your pet, yourself and your vehicle

• a water dish

• your pets first aid kit

• your first aid kit

• tools for your vehicle

• a brush to remove brambles and ticks

• pet food (if canned, store in a cooler if opened)

• toys to offset boredom (nothing worse than chewed upholstery)

• a tarp for shade, or park in a shady area

• a copy of your pets vaccinations and registration

• your veterinarians telephone number

• a picture of your pet

• make sure your pet is very familiar with the commands sit, stay, and come -> a pet in an unfamiliar area can be – nervous and may try to flee

• a towel and/or blanket

• make sure your pet is up to date on vaccinations

I’ve traveled a fair amount in North America and have found we have given emergency care to animals in the most unlikely spots: A mother cat and kittens in a campground in Olympic National Park, an abandoned dog in a Texas highway rest area, a mother dog and puppies in California. Plus there always seems to be someone at a dog show who hasn’t brought enough water. I’ve had dog collars get lost in brush and leashes break on beaches. Seems like I’m never prepared enough myself for unforeseen emergencies, but taking the above precautions does make the trip go a little more peaceful.


About the Author Terrie Simpson:

Terrie Simpson is a writer for Super K9 – A Comprehensive Online Resource To Help You Take Good Care Of Your Canine. She has been involved with dogs for well over twenty years and has achieved a number of tracking and other degrees on her dogs in that time.

You can view more of her work at http://www.superk9.com/

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