What To Look For When Choosing A Rat

In this video, I describe what to look for when picking out a new rat! Good luck to all you new rat owners! Thanks for watching! Etsy Shops: https://www.etsy…

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49 Responses

  1. Re Pyper
    | Reply

    This makes me SO beyond happy. (:

    I’m getting my very first rat in eight days (still too small to take home
    but eyes open) and I went into the store planning to get two mice. XD

    I’m going to name her Kari and she licked me during the meeting!! I can NOT
    wait to go visit her and to take her home! <3

  2. Andrew Getting
    | Reply

    My wife and I are considering a rat or two, but we’ve got a 15 month old —
    would they be safe with her?

  3. leGianflavio
    | Reply

    i want one 🙁 

  4. MultiPearlJammer
    | Reply

    do you have a video on how you rat-proofed your FN cage? lol I couldn’t
    figure out how you did it so they wouldn’t get through the bars.

  5. Cecilia Sdao
    | Reply

    Hello , im getting two rats by the end of this week , we went to the local
    petshop and they said they have contact with breeders ( i looked before for
    breeders but the nearest one is kinda 250km and we cant really move for the
    moment) and the guy was like we can contact our breeders and we can get you
    two females , but im not really sure , i mean i dont have the chance to
    choose between the little babies , i do know the guys in that petshop and
    they really take care of thier animals , and not having rats in the petshop
    is a good signe i guess , like they just can manage if someone asks for
    them , what do you think?? should i go ahead , breeders usually socialize
    little rats since thier birth???
    Great video btw , waiting for your answer , thanks

  6. Emily Burnette
    | Reply

    So, I got two brother rats about 2 and 1/2 years ago as a sort of
    emergency, these rats need a home. One of them has passed and I am heading
    to college soon. I won’t have as much time to be with my boy now. What can
    I do to help him not get lonely?

    | Reply

    Both of my rats around their first birthday had red around their eyes. They
    weren’t sick or stressed.

  8. Hannah Wiebe
    | Reply

    What type of place did you get your rats from? Pet store, rescue, breeder?
    Or something that I don’t of?

  9. Abigail Melton
    | Reply

    I used to have one rat she was feeder from the pet store so I saved her but
    she died after a week now I have two more I have a little licker named sky
    and the other one is a little skittish but she’s getting a little better
    and that ones name is rain I love them both and they are also really
    healthy I don’t choose them if they are healthy I rescue them instead even
    if it means my heart being broken when they die

  10. Kitty Muir
    | Reply

    we have one store that sells rats in my town and they aren’t well
    socialized.. so i have a feeling I’m in for more work. >.< they didn't like being picked up and looked scared. would it be best when i bring it home to let them settle into the new cage then start trust training? 

  11. Brooke Best
    | Reply

    I’ve always had female mice from the pet store. I’ve always wanted a dwarf
    rat next. It was really fun listening to you, ur not boring lol genie is
    awesome, is that common to have rats lick you? Or is she special? :)

  12. Daisymay Price
    | Reply

    when I get my rats how long should I leave them before handling them :)

  13. PiwisBeautyAndLifestyleChannel
    | Reply

    +Amy Schroeder I hope you read this ! You can take your rat (she is scared
    i know) and put her in your bathtub or something you can sit in too. So
    when you and your little girl sits in there it can happen that shes more
    scared at the moment but she will noticed that you are not a bad girl. I
    had a scared little girl too but mine noticed i am a good girl and now shes
    climbing out the cage to sit on my sholder or come to me and stole me food
    when i am looking for her sister. Its so cute 🙂 good luck !
    P.s. I am sorry, my english isnt good because i am german. 

  14. Kourtney Jones
    | Reply

    if your class pet is sick what to do

  15. ViljaGeek
    | Reply

    Mine loves to run inside my shirt, is that a good sign?? I’m assuming it
    is, or atleast that they might find comfort in there?

  16. carmela evashchen
    | Reply

    What would you use for treats that you would use frequently?

  17. Amy Schroeder
    | Reply

    Hello, I have a question and I really hoppee you can get back to me.
    Anyways, story is, Last week I got two sisters Harley Quinn& Rogue to join
    my other two. Harley Quinn loved me the moment she sniffed me and takes
    food from me very gently/ gives me kisses. Rogue on the other hand is
    terrified of me. When I got them, Rogue ended up getting out of the carrier
    I received them in and made a dash for the living room outside. Since I
    have a cat who stalks my ratties (And gets scolded for it), I basically had
    a heart attack and without thinking, chased her and scooped her up, which
    scared her apparently because she squeaked. Ever since that shes been
    scared of me. She runs for the hills when I open the cage to get
    Harley,Bubba&Whiskey and won’t take the treats I offer her by hand or even
    through the bars. I feel terrible about leaving her when I take the other
    girls out to play in their pen but I’m just wary of picking her up because
    I don’t want to give the poor girl a heart attack. I feel like our first
    encounter gave her a bad impression on me and I’m not sure how to develop a
    trusting bond with her, since she wont even sniff me/ take food. How can I
    try to fix this? 🙁 It’s very upsetting to me.

  18. Chloe Wriston
    | Reply

    Can you give a rat cage tutorial ? 

  19. Pippa Allen
    | Reply

    How long did you have your rats for (at the time that the video was made
    in) ? Super cute btw, I’m getting my 2 sister rats in a few weeks!

  20. Adriel Green
    | Reply

    Gotta love Youtube adsense tact. They display a Decon rat trap / pioson ad
    during the video. Good Job Youtube assholes

  21. Morgan Burkhardt
    | Reply

    Is it true that boy rats tend to cuddle with you more while females tend to
    be more playful?

  22. Helpful Hammy
    | Reply

    Do rats need to have wheels since I was thinking of getting one in the far
    future and also what is the best gender and which gender gets along with
    each other. p.s. I had said long future which means that I am going to
    learn all lot more about them

  23. rudy adair
    | Reply

    DVM Pliny (Howcast) spoke of spay/neuter of rats to control behavior;
    but nothing was mentioned about the rats living longer.
    Some are against modifying the innate natural behavior of their rat.
    In the past,I’d heard that dogs/cats will live longer after spay/neuter.
    Has anyone had experience of extended lifespan after such procedures ?
    Long LIVE the Rattus rattus !
    & Norvegicus.

  24. Roodoe
    | Reply

    How do you feel about picking a rat up from a place like Petsmart or petco?
    I’ve heard from a friend that their birds are usually not fed well, and
    can often be sick. Thoughts? 

  25. Dave Phillips
    | Reply

    I like your rats

  26. maxine kamp
    | Reply

    i have one rat named beany she is very cute and likes to lik me and shes 7
    weeks old :D

  27. divergentgymnast22
    | Reply

    Where did you get the wooden step stool thing leading up to their habitat?

  28. swoodys wood
    | Reply

    But what if your getting a rescue or like a rat that someone gave to the
    pet store because they didn’t want it

  29. CUPKAKEbotdfXD
    | Reply

    What if youre not allowed to pick them up?

  30. kyle samuelson
    | Reply

    i know this video was made a long time ago but im planning on getting 2
    rats and i was hoping i could get a few answers. 1 if i get the rats from a
    pet store as babies could i train them like rats from a breeder? 2- the
    rats from the store are very young babies and when i held a few of them
    they tended to try and escape my hand. is this normal for younglings?

  31. dance rebel girl
    | Reply

    my rat is extrimily attached to me; I let my rat loose in the house and she
    would not leave my side.

  32. Kate OBrien
    | Reply

    Harper is adorable! I want one so bad but my mom hasn’t made a decision
    yet! ANY pros and cons would help a bit

  33. SunshineSparkle07
    | Reply

    is it best to get rats from a breeder?

  34. waveofmattification
    | Reply

    Thank you so much! This video really helped a lot!

  35. Rylee Parsons
    | Reply

    Is I good that your rat iches a lot

  36. Tim Naff
    | Reply

    what do u books if urban rat stops eating, because my last one died
    randomly and she would mot eat.

  37. Brooklynne Phillips
    | Reply

    Awwwww she jumped up so high, I love how you care about rats like how
    people care for dogs or cats!

  38. Marley Bartlett
    | Reply

    mine was the best, first time i picked her up she didnt budge, wasnt
    scared, just looked at me wit trusting and loving eyes. she was a heck of a
    character. rip my angel!

  39. Cammi Lynn
    | Reply

    I want to get two rats, would you recommend two boys or two girls?

  40. Jaden Gale
    | Reply

    I cannot convince my mother that they are clean and generally have very
    good temperaments. It is so frustrating, I am desperate to get a pair :(

  41. Dariyen Varner
    | Reply

    My new rat keeps sneezing i got her from the pet store 4 days ago and idk
    if she has s respiratory infection or not. I dont know what to do. I want
    to take her to the petsmart and let them treat her with their vet before
    the 15 days of insurance ends. Idk if my parents will take me though.
    Please help!! 

  42. Richard Tester
    | Reply

    My two rats I got was from the reptile shop being sold as feeders. I think
    IMHO that is the best place to get your rats since they cost about 1/3 the
    price and there is no regulation on rodents if you buy them from a pet
    store. I like your video you hit the nail on the head with what you was
    telling people in your video. My two females always come and greet me
    every morning waking me up, and come climb on me and sit on my shoulders
    while I am sitting at the computer. They even sat by me while I watched
    Willard and Ben. I use to have two males names greymouser, and boots. but
    for some reason Grey Mouser was a biter and I had to get rid of him. and 2
    days after I gave up Grey Mouser boots ran under my foot as I was leaving
    to go to church. saddest day I can remember in such a long time. A few
    days later I got 2 females I was writing you about I named them Peaches and

  43. Yolanda Smith
    | Reply

    Cute and nice see rat enjoy play area.

  44. Mikaela Platt
    | Reply

    I had 4 resqu baby rats, that just started to give up milk, people feed the
    rats to snakes just for fun! :(. the pinkys were all the rats bedding. they
    were at the bottem. they were so tiny! I wish they have a better life. I
    resceued two, 3 boys and 1 girl, the girl, I thought was a boy, and same
    with the co-workers. She died from being squished under the bed. :'( . Her
    name is luna. The other three names were, Lucky, Drake, and Link. Link was
    vary sick, and the sickness killed my faverate rat, before I got 4 more,
    his name is Hine. I miss him. All three rats were tarrifide, and they
    barely ate, exept Drake, he stoll Link’s and Lucky’s food all the time,
    then made them bleed. It’s vary sad. :'(

    | Reply


  46. Jennifer Rabuchin
    | Reply

    They are great pets if you hold them every day let them ride around on your
    shoulder and it’s really important to keep their cage clean because they
    keep themselves clean unless their cage is filthy

  47. Dog
    | Reply

    you have some hella hairy arms o_o

  48. Emmelie Hallin
    | Reply

    How high can a rat jump?

  49. Alyssa Garcia
    | Reply

    can you do a video on how to teach mice tricks if you have a mouse?

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