What To Get The Dog Lover In Your Life

It’s that time of year again. The weather is cold, the holidays are coming, and you have a lot of shopping to do. Besides stocking up on festive foods and drinks, you have to find some presents for everyone in your life. This can be a fun thing to do.

But it’s not so much fun when you have no idea what to buy. Unless you know exactly what they want, you will have to guess which gift will work this year. If you are buying for someone who loves dogs, however, you can read on to learn some tips about finding the best present. To begin with, there are some common gifts you should avoid.

Avoid These Dog Gifts

For a lot of people, a gift for a dog means some kind of chew toy. That’s a great idea, as dogs have an instinct to chew. Having a toy around also means less chewing on shoes. But you need to be careful.

Dog.com explains that rawhide chew toys are not a good idea. Most dogs will chew the rawhide into large strips and swallow them. These can block the intestines, leading to an expensive and scary visit to the vet. Some of these toys can also be coated with toxic chemicals that can make the dog sick.

You also have to worry about the toy’s size compared to the dog. Buying a small chew toy for a large dog is giving that pet a choking hazard. The same is true for toys that squeak. The small thing inside that makes the noise can come out eventually and lodge itself in the dog’s throat.

Perfect For The Dog

Then what can you get? While there are many safe chew toys available, PetMD also recommends a puzzle food bowl. Dogs need mental stimulation to be happy (and avoid destructive behavior), and many are very motivated by food. A puzzle that rewards the dog with treats can give that pet hours of safe, stimulating fun. You could also purchase a toy-of-the-month club membership for different gifts all year long.

There are many other gifts perfect for the dog. Mashable has a great list of unique dog gifts you should consider. For example, Bowser Beer isn’t really beer. It’s a broth made with chicken and other natural ingredients that is healthy for dogs. Dog beds and pet sofas are great ideas as well, as the dog owner can use these in training the dog.

Dog Owners Deserve Gifts, Too

Of course, you’re technically buying gifts for the dog’s owner. While any owner will appreciate a gift for their pet, there are some fine presents you can get for the human. Pet Life Today recommends you purchase a dog monitor camera. Much like a nanny cam, it’s a small camera that sends a video feed through the internet to your computer or smartphone. This way, the dog owner can make sure their pet is safe while they’re away from the house.

Other gifts for the dog owner include professional dog photographs, a GPS collar to keep track of the dog, and grooming tools that help the owner keep their pet looking great.

Get Your Shopping Done

Because the holidays are always stressful, it pays to get your shopping done early. When buying for a dog lover in your life, skip the rawhide chew toys. Instead, get some puzzles and dog beds for the dog — and a dog monitoring camera for the owner’s peace of mind. Make this year’s holiday season that much better by getting gifts that both the dog and its owner will love.

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