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Dr. Laurie Hess: So what at do you do if your bird bites you? Obviously the thing we want to do least, is to reprimand the bird, because all that does is reinforce that behavior. It’s our natural behavior when a bird bites to put the bird down or try to fling the bird down, which can be very dangerous for the bird.

And then yell at that bird, “Don’t do that,” and “No.” And all that does is reinforce the bird that if he or she bites, “Well, then I get all this attention, so I’m going to keep biting. That brings me more and more attention. My owners pay attention to me. That’s a great way to get attention.” And that’s really the last thing we want to teach a bird.

We want to reinforce and reward good behaviors. Standing on your hand. Playing with toys. Playing quietly. Doing interactive things that are positive and socially acceptable. But really try the best we can to ignore unacceptable, often painful behaviors like biting. What are some of the things that we can tell people to do when it comes to teaching birds about not biting?

Sarah Inglis: Well, I would say, as you mentioned, loud noises is a bad idea. I can’t tell you how many birds I’ve met that will bite someone and then yell,”Ow, no bite.” So they’ve learned it as a behavior and as a trick and they get a yell out of their owner when they bite them. One of the biggest things I tell people to try to do is, if your bird bites you, try so hard not to even yell out in pain.

It’s like a dog with a squeaky toy, you know? I squeak this and it made a great noise, I’m going to do it again. Just simply if they bite, you take them, put them down, and walk away. Oftentimes, just the association of them losing your attention when they bite you is enough for them to learn, that maybe it’s not such a great idea.

Dr. Laurie: Right, it’s like time out with a child. It’s time out from positive reinforcement. If it’s reinforcing to stand on your hand to be with you and they bite you, then you put them down and they don’t get that attention. You just don’t want to encourage it. And if there’s a way that you can anticipate when an animal may bite, when a bird’s getting ready to bite; like if you put the bird back in the cage and he or she doesn’t want to go back in the cage; if you’re leaving the room.

Then make that bird have things available, that they can do with their mouth, so that they don’t bite you. They can’t eat and bite. They can’t shred toys and bite. So if you can preempt the behavior from happening, regardless of what the behavior is; biting, screaming and you can provide some sort of distraction for your bird, so that they don’t bite; it’s better to actually avoid the entire situation, than to get into a punishment type of situation, if a bird should bite.

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  1. nan man
    | Reply

    She doesn't even hold the other one

  2. Roxanne Lee anne
    | Reply

    THIS ISN'T ACTUALLY CORRECT you beat the fucker to death with a bat

  3. the cool gamer
    | Reply

    I didn't know not to yell at my parrot

  4. Maiatsui
    | Reply

    You could also stop them from bighting is by yelling ow and then leave the room amd don't come in for a while and then go back in and every time he bites you continue to do that and they will eventually learn oh that hurts my owner. The bird must be bonded with you though!

  5. Pastel LPS
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    The bird in the thumbnail looks like mine 😂

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    Why don't you touch the red bird

  7. Cassady Plays
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    The thumbnail looks like ari

  8. KickDownDoors
    | Reply

    I blow concentrated air out of my mouth to my conure when he acts up with the biting. Knocks him off guard and back to reality. For 5 seconds. Then he goes at me again. Three times and he bounces away. Next time I will try the pee dominance theory someone mentioned here.

  9. kooky112
    | Reply

    Any tips for how to teach a bird that wants attention to not just run away from the attention it wants? Got a conure from petsmart. She's not the smartest girl yet but she wants attention. Problem is soon as we put our hands in the cages she runs away. We have picked her up a few times and she sat there and loved rubbing her head on our thumbs, but we had to hold her so she couldn't really escape either. Like I said, not very smart.

  10. Anonymous Unknown
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    Omg what's that green species called. I've been looking all over for it

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