What to do about a biting hamster?

Today i am going to tell you few reasons why your hamster may be biting. I am truly sorry i was all over the place with with uploading. But from now on I am going to upload a video every Saturday morning! Thank you for being so amazing and I will see you later!


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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

12 Responses

  1. starry roses
    | Reply

    when I was at the pet store, the woman took her out and was able to hold her and the hamster was perfectly relax but with me she won't. idk πŸ™

  2. HeangGG Like
    | Reply

    Please rply me I just get bite from hamster so what kind of disease will I get if I didn't do anything when the hamster bite me. Pls rply

  3. Jessica K
    | Reply

    It took me about 2 weeks or less to tame my Russian dwarf to stop him from biting I put gloves on he did bite the gloves but then he stopped i rubbed my scent in the gloves so when he wen in my hand he would recognise the smell hope that helped for anyone πŸ™‚

  4. GamerBloxyGirl
    | Reply

    I got a hamster a day ago and she doesn't bite me I put a treat on my hand and she Didint take it I was just seeing if she would trust me and me watching this video really helped thank you!

  5. HeyImGabie
    | Reply

    Hey. I got a new hamster and left it in its cage for 3 days. I try to put my hand in and he just scares me! And, when I try to pet him, he just stops looks back, and bites me! He bit me 2 times before and that just scares me. I always talk to him in a soft voice but he is still doing that! Idk what to do… I'm not confident enough to put my hand in its cage. Can you please help me as fast as possible! Thanks πŸ™‚

  6. Abigail Turner
    | Reply

    I got a robo about a month ago and she has never bitten me. A few weeks ago she bit me which really puzzled me and now I can't hold her without her biting me. This video was very informational and taught me why! ❀️

  7. kfnvijwenmlkb;dsfb vmw ejknkrjt,gberb
    | Reply

    Mine are Winter White hamster's, I try and give them a treat but they choose my fingers instead.. o-o

  8. Rainbowhamster39
    | Reply

    What happened to your hammys and buns

  9. Andrew Chung
    | Reply

    I need help please I got a new hamster and slept over on my nannies house and left the hamster alone the cage is pretty big and ya so how long might it take for him or her to get used to me? Ps he or she bites she bited my Nannie when she was lookin for the hamsters gender please help me!!!!

  10. Cupcake262
    | Reply

    Awesome video, and such a cute hamster

  11. Maddays
    | Reply

    hehe, another great vid, awww, ,always great seeing the hams!!!!

  12. JupiterKinz
    | Reply

    Very nice vid

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