What is a Cat Whisperer?

What is a Cat Whisperer?

by Morgen Marshall

Similar to a horse or dog whisperer, a Cat Whisperer is a person who relates particularly well with cats. A Cat Whisperer has unusual luck and success with cats. Often people bring cats or a single cat will just “show up” at their home. This cat will adopt the whisperer.

For myself, I’ve had Persians and black cats mostly, show up and move in. Sometimes, the cat’s people moved and abandoned the cat. Other times, the cat just decided it liked it better at my house.

Some say that a Cat Whisperer is a cat therapist, but in truth, most Cat Whisperers are good cat behaviorist. Most Cat Whisperers have never had any formal training, and come by it naturally. They understand a cat’s way of thinking and work with its existing behaviors to achieve the desired results.

Some cats that have been abused will only respond to a Cat Whisperer. Other people may try to help the cat and only see a scared cat with a long memory of abuse and hurt. These cats often tragically end up in kill shelters. It is tragic because the cats have already endured so much. Many of these poor cats were once loved and coddled pets. They were abandoned, mistreated by children or cruel adults, terrorized by dogs and possibly even tortured.

When a cat is this badly damaged emotionally and physically, it takes great patience and care to bring the poor cat back to some semblance of normalcy around people.


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