What Hay is Right For Your Rabbit?

Welcome to our channel! Lennon is a free roam, 3-yr-old Havana-mix bunny. My momma (Lorelei) likes to make videos to help others learn about rabbit care. L.A. born and raised!

Hay used in video: www.smallpetselect.com
Use my referral code: http://rwrd.io/9usoc85
*not sponsored

Lennon’s instagram: http://www.instagram.com/lennonthebunny
Lorelei’s instagram: http://www.instagram.com/loreleicarlson

Lennonthebunny [@] gmail.com

*Please bear with us as we get lots of requests for videos and are working on them one by one*

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About HART Kahuna

OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Lennon The Bunny says:

    What kind of hay do YOUR bunnies eat???

  2. skinnypigs1 says:

    I use a combo of Timothy and Orchard but I do prefer the Orchard Grass for sure. Nothing beats how green and soft it is. I just find the pets enjoy the variety, so gotta do what they like haha.
    Baby Lennon was too cute!

  3. thank you so much for this video – I thought I knew everything about Hay but I learned some new things! Also I love seeing Lennon stealing a few stalks! Baby Lennon was adorable

  4. Kristen Wokanick says:

    What is your opinion on those compressed hay bales vs loose hay? Walmart near me just started selling meadow hay bails.

  5. hamida begum says:

    Is Rasberry pellets okay for rabbits

  6. I am a smaller YouTuber and I just subbed to your channel! I love your channel and I am hoping you could check out my new rabbit video and give me some feedback! Thanks! 💜

  7. I’ve never seen hay in the UK like this where I live, all of the hay available looks brown even the Timothy hay😣

  8. Haha I love this – Lennon is like- JACKPOT🙌🏻☺️

  9. Annasbigcomeback says:

    I love it! I'm going to try that website, I do not like the quality of Harry from any of my local pet supply stores.

  10. Minecraft monster 122 says:

    Can u plz do bedding next

  11. Jessica Nathan says:

    Lennon cracking me up as she munches throughout this video lol! PS. Thank you for posting the video abt volunteering w/ a rabbit rescue org. Great info! I wish I were in the position to bring on more bunnies into my home! And love vid of baby Lennon!!

  12. PåintThëWørld says:

    Lennon lives like a queen and anyone who disagrees can talk to her fluffy butt

  13. Allie Arnold says:

    I have awful hay allergies (i use Timothy) and my parents keep requesting that I move my bun, Lucie, out of my room. I really didn't want to leave her out of my room since we also have two cats and three dogs, but the allergies are really starting to become a problem! I'm really glad I watched this video! Her hay is running low anyways so on the next hay run I'm going to try looking for orchard grass! Thanks for another great video!

  14. Hey I was wondering if you had any advice…
    I have a 2 year old lionhead lop cross bunny – he's a neutered male. And he hates hay… wont touch the stuff. I've tried just about every kind of hay available between my 2 local pet stores, and he's not interested in any of it. He'll maybe eat a couple stands here and there, and only if I put it in a toy for (e.g. stuff a toilet tube roll), but most of the time he wont eat it. He HAS been to the vets, and he has no health issues and his teeth are perfectly fine (he chews on his wooden toys plenty). He gets out as foten as possible but also does not really eat the grass in the garden (my rabbits rotate on different patchs, so he's definitely exposed to different safe plants too which he is not interested in). Any ideas on what is going on with him? I know he's fussy but this is a bit crazy.

  15. Ray Ray Margaret Vlogs says:

    Thank u so much this helped me a lot!!!

  16. BrynnsAnimals says:

    I need help my rabbit will not eat her hay and I’m giving her 2nd cut Timothy hay and she will eat her vegetables and pellets but not her hay what should I due because hay is really important for their diet and teeth and digestive system?

  17. Taylor Stoia says:

    Awesome video

  18. twilight the bunny says:

    Hi I am going to be getting a new bunny on this Sunday it is a girl and she is black and white do you have any name ideas ?

  19. Fili Oakenshield says:

    My momma bunny gave birth to a new fluffle of bunnies, and one of them has the same markings as Lennon, including the white collar, white splotch on nose, and white paw…. except for the fact that the baby bunny I have is only 3 weeks old😀

  20. Prince Danny says:

    I have a question
    I have one rabbit and next year me and my family plan to move away to a new house but the problem is my rabbit HATES travelling what can i do?

  21. FierceCoffee says:

    Have you ever considered getting your bunny a friend? I know it's really important for most rabbits to have a friend :3

  22. Robin Jones says:

    I just recently discovered this channel and want to thank you for getting the information out there.. I'm going to be a new bunny Mom in a few weeks and binge watching your vids makes me feel so prepared and aware for rabbit care. And Lennon is just a joy to watch

  23. Meet-my -life says:

    Hi there! I️ love your channel so much!!! I’m getting a new bunny soon that’s 6 weeks he’s a lion (I️ know he’s young but I️ can’t change that) so I️ was here to ask what I️ should pack to bring him home and for the car ride!!

  24. Bunny With a Cause says:

    How did I get from violin tutorials to this cuteness?

  25. Ricky Spanish says:

    Hay Lennon, have a good day!

  26. Bunnies For Life says:

    thanks this helped me a lot

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