What do Fish, Chihuahaus, Pit Bulls and Horses have in common?

(Q) What do Fish .. Chihuahuas .. Pit Bulls and Horses have in common?

(A) That’s all you will be reading about during April 24-30, 2006 week!

It’s been quite a challenge for me .. keeping up with the postings here at .. [The Blog], as my offline work increasingly takes more and more of my time … that is doing accounting and income tax! Most of the posts seen in this blog have been randomly selected from a variety of sources, and posted .. or rather PRE-POSTED … by changing the timestamp to a future date and time.

Well .. this week will be no different! If anything .. it will be worse!

However, I have noticed that my ‘library’ of article resources have been growing at an alarming rate, that if I don’t catch up soon .. some great tips and articles will be falling “off the table” (so to speak) – and I will miss posting them!

So I scoured today to find as many articles that I could – that I have bookmarked – that are related in some way … and have pre-posted these articles throughout this upcoming week! Some days will have articles posting every 4 hours, some days every 3 hours .. there is one day this week .. that for a short period of time .. the article postings will average one every two hours!

Will I Be Posting Too Much?

Of Course I will be! (but how else can I catch up?)

But – don’t worry … you won’t really have to sift through all of the articles this week – unless you want to – because I will tell you NOW what topics you can expect:

* April 24, 2006 – FISH – articles about fish, aquariums, tips and other tidbits you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask

* April 25, 2006 – CHIHUAHUA – articles about the chihuahua breed dog .. including tips on training, health care and other suggestions that can be applied to most other smaller breeds of animals

* April 26-27, 2006 – PIT BULLS – articles about pit bulls, the myths, the stories .. and other tips including training, health care and other suggestions that can be applied to most other larger breed of animals .. There are a lot of articles, so I have spread this over two days

* April 28-29, 2006 – HORSES – articles about horses, breeds, stories and other health care and training tips that every horse owner should know

I would be interested in reading your comments about what you think of the upcoming “themed” article posting days … and if this is something readers would be interested in seeing in May 2006 and on. Please feel free to comment to this article, your thoughts as the week progresses..

Is it better to mix it up?

Or, is it better to group them together?

Enjoy the articles … I will be back May 2, 2006 (..after the Income Tax Deadline of May 1, 2006 here in Canada) .. although, I may be posting a few articles, here and there, during the week – if time permits.

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