What Are the Different Ferret Colors?

What Are the Different Ferret Colors?

By Mike Steele

Ferrets often change colors with the seasons, lighter in the winter than in the summer, and many of them lighten as they age, too. Different ferret organizations recognize different colors and patterns, but unless you’re planning to enter your ferret in a show, the exact label isn’t particularly important. Some of the more commonly accepted colors are described in general terms below, adapted from summaries written by William and Diane Killian of Zen and the Art of Ferrets and Pam Troutman of STAR*Ferrets.

The albino is white with red eyes and a pink nose. A dark-eyed white can have very light eyes and can possibly be confused with an albino. These can actually range from white to cream colored with the whiter the color the better. A dark-eyed white (often called a black-eyed white) is a ferret with white guard hairs but eyes darker than the red of an albino.

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  1. ben
    | Reply

    all i want to know is what coloured baby ferrets would i get when i breed white albino male ferret with a polecat female?

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