What Are Ragdoll Cats?

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What Are Ragdoll Cats?

By Louie Latour

The Ragdoll cat breed consists of a variety of medium to long hair cats. Ragdoll cats are famous for their placid temperaments as well as their affectionate nature. Ragdolls are the most easy going and gentle cat you can own. These cats are not aggressive and should only be kept indoors. They do not have fighting instincts so they will not defend themselves when provoked.

The term “Ragdoll” comes from the way they go totally limp when picked up. The breed originated in California back in the 1960s. The first Ragdoll was a cat named Josephine. There are many myths regarding the history of Ragdoll cats; for instance, one account claims Ragdoll cats were left on earth by an alien race. Many of these wild claims were made by the breed’s founder and are still passed around today.

Ragdoll cats are bred selectively for certain characteristics. These selective traits include size, characteristic limpness when picked up, as well as their easy going nature. The breed was created from a mixture of Birman, Persian, and Burmese cats. The Ragdoll breed has been imitated by other breeds such as the Ragamuffin; however, many of these competing breeds are not recognized by cat registries as there is little differentiating them from Ragdoll cats.

Ragdoll Cats come in a variety of patterns and colors. The pointed patterns fall into three categories: mitted, bicolor, and colorpoint. The varieties of colors are lilac, seal, blue, and chocolate. Additionally there are several nonstandard color offerings such as red and lynx point. A typical Ragdoll takes 2 years to fully mature; adult males weigh between 15 to 20 pounds. Female cats weigh in at 9 to 13 pounds. Ragdoll cats are the largest domestic cat and make excellent pets.

Louie Latour is a Ragdoll cat enthusiast and founder of the site Ragdoll Cats which was established in 2005 to promote the Ragdoll cat breed. To learn more about this unusual cat visit: http://www.ragdollcats.info

Article Source: Louie Latour

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