Welcome to PetLvr.com – [The Blog] – Introduction

Welcome to PetLvr.com – [The Blog]. For those new to the blogging world, this will be your “BLOGGING-101” course and an introduction to our website. I plan to repost this entry at the beginning of every new month.

Blog Entries

This is a blog entry. While it looks like a normal website, really it is a series of website pages pulled together in one website. If you are familiar with our Tag-Board and other real-time chat programs like Tag-Board, the latest post is always on top. This is different from the Forums, where new posts are usually added to the bottom of the topic. You should be able to see the date of each blog entry at the beginning of each entry. At the end of each blog entry, you will see the link “Comments” just to the left of a caricature of my two Papillon Dogs. If you click this, you will expand the blog entry. While only myself, and the other contributors are allowed to post Blog Entries … everyone is allowed to post a comment to our blog entry. So, if you feel like responding to what was published, feel free to do so.

Linking Inside this Blog Website

At the beginning of each entry, you will see a group of links that may or may not change in the future. It looks like this:

| Home | Top | About | Authors | Archives | Affiliates | Newsletter | Links |
Tag-Board | Site Feed | Utilities | News Feeds | The Cutest Pet! | Daily Cartoon | PetLvr Polls |

These are “Hot Links” to sections within this blog site. “TOP” will always get you to the top of the current page, and if you are on a sub-page, “HOME” will return you to the main start page. Feel free to experiment by clicking on each link to find out where you are transported to.

Archive Blog Entries

I have set this blog to display only the blog entries from the last 14 days. So, you may scroll down the page to view these entries. If you click on the hot link “Archives”, you may click on any of the displayed months and this will display 100% of the blog entries created in that month, along with its comments.

Linking Outside this Blog Website

All links within blogs to either the source reference article or to other websites, will open up in a new window. There are “professional” blogger-geeks out there who think that this is a terrible crime to do this, because I must assume that the reader has no intelligence to Right-Click and select Open in New Window if they wanted to, or hit their Back button to return to their original position in our blog website.

And to the professional bloggers out there – :Ptftftffftt . Not because you think you can dictate to me how to design my website, that because of this one issue you would boycott my website altogether because of design, without consideration of the content. Shame on you.

PetLvr Community Corner

I have added this script to be used by all PetLvrs out there as you seem desire. You can have a Lost and Found … add jokes, poems, and stories … you can publicize current events that might be happening in your area or with your organization .. you can promote your pet-related website … I don’t care. All I ask is that you realize this is a general rated website and kids can be watching. At the current time, you will be required to create a Login Id and password to post contributions.

PetLvr Greeting E-Cards

I have added this script to allow you to send anyone a picture from our PetLvr Picture Gallery to anyone or a series of people. There is no registration required. I will be periodically adding new pictures to the website. I might be adding new background music as well. Currently, I have included a bunch of TV Theme songs.

PetLvr Blog Pictures

I have added this script to allow you to permanently upload your pet picture to our website and other PetLvr’s may come and rate the picture. You will be required to create a Login ID to add your pet picture. If you just want to add your pet picture to our Gallery, without creating a Login Id, so you can send out Greeting E-Cards with your favorite pet picture .. use this “Cutest PetLvr Wars” instead.

Contributors Wanted

PetLvr.com is looking for contributors of content to this blog. All that is required is that the topic be “Pet Related”. Do you have any expertise? Do you have any tips? Do you have cute pet stories? Do you have news of upcoming events? If you wish to become a CONTRIBUTOR to this blog, please contact hart@PetLvr.com.

We will display as many text links (in reason) to your own websites, and up to two logo/graphic links (125 pixel wide) that gets displayed on the left side of every page, and in the PetLvr Corner.

Once a contributor, you will have access to this blog to publish entries as you wish, or be able to email directly to this blog your content.

Please Support our Contributors

This is a small website, and each contributor is taking the time to help make this blogsite better. Please support their efforts by clicking on their Logo/Graphic banners that link to their website and browse around. Are you looking for something in particular? It’s probably found in one of these sites!

Take care.

PetLvr.com – [The Blog]“A Website For All Earthlings, Who Love Animals”

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