We are under construction and moving – again!


I used to host this PetLvr blog (along with a bunch of other “LVR” sites) with HOSTGATOR but moved last November 2016 to a Canadian Host Provider SKGOLD HOSTING.

I have received the utmost support and service from SKGOLD HOSTING and continue to use them with my other accounts, but honestly .. my PetLvr and “LVR” series of sites just have exceeded the usage of a simple shared hosting solution and we have still experience slow loading times, and CPU overages happening (our fault). I have way too many sites and am overloading a single shared account with multiple dozens of addon domains, and sites, and other goodies.

This week I have begun to start ANOTHER MOVE to a much more robust server with more options, at my contol, and hope to have everything running FAR more smoothly, and faster by the end of next week. I also hope to either assess and modify – or replace – the existing theme here, to make it more robust and user friendly.

Finally – this post is sitting on the old server. Once the move is complete, and nameservers changed … this post will disappear – and you will know the move has been made successfully!

Thank-you for your patience and support!

HART (aka PetLvr)

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