Ways to Name your Ferret

How should you name your ferret? Should you wait to name your ferret? Should you give them a name from a video game? Or from your favorite book? Today we talk about that.

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23 Responses

  1. Anna
    | Reply

    Mines are named Albin and the second one I haven’t named yet

  2. Jennifer Jones
    | Reply

    I got my 3 boys Used. They came as Piston(gearheads) Marbles, and Ready(red-eye albino)
    they became Ready for Love, Lost his marbles, and Piston-pinhead(or GEORGE-see bugs bunny cartoon) Some times I lost my Marbles… he would hide, fall asleep, and come out with bedhead and sleep in his little ferret eyes.
    The Girls were petshop fresh Marblette was so tiny she would fit completly in one hand(see marbles) Cinnie was a cinnamon ferret. unruly teen. Cinnie wants me to change her name to SINnie and goes by the nick names Mycenean(my Cinni-an), naughty weasel Sole stealer, and panda-girl. Marblette is Love, Lioness(she sphinxes), and Little marbles.
    Marbless was also "the shoeler"… the WHOLE 3-4 times his size boots were attempted thefts. Pistion the sweety was the "duckler" stealer of rubber ducks. its on my Face book photos…the whole crime story.
    When I need more Ferret I will Get 2 Tickky and Tavi. Ricky is over done. Rikitikitavi

  3. Korben Chestnut-Petry
    | Reply

    I started with 2 girl ferrets then got a little boy a year later. Now we have 6 because there were 3 ferrets abandoned. Names are Ava, Feebee and Indie. For the boys Sebastian, Jasper and Dimitri.

  4. Join me on the edge •_•
    | Reply

    My ferrets names are Scruffy and Deku

  5. Coralie Popat
    | Reply

    I renamed my boys after getting them from a shelter, and in my nerdy, D&D playing house it made sense to give them names in a form of Elvish. We have Khelek, meaning "ice", who has a silver coat, and Ondo, meaning "stone", with his classic sable/polecat markings – he was previously named Rocky, and we liked the connection. Of course, most of the time they go by "little monster", "buggalugs" and "oi, you, stop it".

    | Reply

    Lol I already know a name for my ferrot if I get one
    Cookie- normal brown and black coat.

    SnowFlake- White coat

    Shadow- Black coat

    Black and white(idk if this is a coat) – Blizzard

  7. The Sunny Bunny
    | Reply

    What are your thoughts on the names slinky or pocket? What would you prefer? I’m getting a ferret soon

  8. Amanda Dye
    | Reply

    Named ours Boo-Boo, but it has evolved into the nickname “Boobs.” People think it’s weird when I ask my teen about our free roamer ferret “Have you seen Boobs?” It’s actually very innocent, just the shortened name it became.

  9. Amber
    | Reply

    I ended up naming my three ferrets after dragons. Smaug, Falcor, and Bahamut. It really started with Smaug because he loves to hide things in one spot and essentially hoard it all. Falcor is an albino and it seemed fitting for him.

  10. Don't give cats Metacam
    | Reply

    Wall.e was named after the robot who liked to hoard things.(sadly we lost him at 2 due to surgery never really got over it)
    Abby just because.
    Ella was named after a character from a book. (i didn't name her but liked it)
    Crybaby(Baby for short) because she literally screams if another ferret tries to play with her.(she is deaf)
    Vinnie Dakota(Dakota for short): Named after a cartoon character.

  11. Stormy Yeager
    | Reply

    I’ve had 3 and they were always such trouble makers, I’ve always given mine demonic like names. First was Demon Spawn, now I have Lilith and Hades.

  12. Model RC
    | Reply

    Imma name mine Boof!

  13. Sugar Sugar
    | Reply

    I named my birds by colour AND by characters. I've got a yellow budgie called Moe (from the Simpsons) because he's that type of character,, and colour. Another budgie called Sully because of his blue appearance and warm heart, and Baloo my button quail (The bear from the jungle book). I've also got my baby girl Dipsy; she's a green ring neck. I find this an easier way to name pets and it's a faster process, but ofc not all of my.. many.. animal names are like this. :,)

  14. bunbun boom
    | Reply

    I got a ferret for my first anniversary a few days ago and since my husband is Chinese I named her bai jinjin but I call her slinky snake as a nickname

  15. Sarah Buchanan
    | Reply

    what are some good, non-expensive cages that are good for a single ferret? Im planning to get a ferret soon, and im only getting one. I need a cage that is good for a ferret that is less than $100. Ive tried looking on amazon and have found a few eh ones. im fine with letting the ferret free roam if needed, but if so how can I feret proof my bedroom, as that woukd be where it coukd free roam. if anyone knows enough about this stuff and can help me, i have more questions so here is where you can contact me: @_ferroot_ (instagram) | ferroot13@gmail.com (email) | (352) 318-6134 (text)

  16. lauralebel
    | Reply

    Mine are itsy bits cause he’s my itsy bits pie then there’s Jackson who I got with that name but I call him my apple jacks of the morning cause he’s sooo kissy when he come out then there’s paco toco who we rescued from an evil puppy mill and had such a ruff start at life and now he’s almost over as he has lymphoma and very low glucose and just tremors all the time pour baby. I’ve already lost one to cancer so this is really a terrible disease to take such beautiful loving creatures.

  17. Mohamed Ali
    | Reply

    Et zo assassins creed pronounce his name

  18. kel bel
    | Reply

    WOW! Your accent/voice! Mind-blowing lol!…… From one ferret owner to another, Hello! 🙂 ( UK)

  19. wildchicken123 aj
    | Reply

    When I went into the pet store last summer and seen a adorable ferret I named him kevin then 2days later I got kevin I no longer have him though he would’ve been 1 year old by now if he was still here he was crazy and ran off tables lol

  20. Stephen r
    | Reply

    Im a first time ferret owner and i went out and bought two 1 month old ferrets a boy i named chunk cause he loves his food and a female named peach cause she's always just peachy => . And let me tell you as being a first time ferret owner they are adorable ! And a learning curve trying to get them away from habits i don't want them to do when they get older lol. But there's still lots i have to learn about my wonderful ferrets :] if anyone has any good tips on anything please leave a comment

  21. Rynea Engelmann
    | Reply

    i named mine kiki cause she steals and hides a lot of stuff. i had a conversation with someone about kikis delivery service while she tried to steal something and somehow we came up with kikis abduction service.

  22. Surki I
    | Reply

    Could you do a video explains ferret care? (Shots,vaccines,health issues) I’m really having trouble finding all the information for that

  23. MrSquareart
    | Reply

    Great video and thank you for sharing ❗️❗️❗️❗️

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