Ware Plastic Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan- Colors May Vary

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Scatterless lock-n-litter pan features high sides to keep messes in and stain and odor resistant plastic. A wire floor panel keeps messes away from pet. Measures 12-3/4-inch width by 9-1/4-inch depth by 6-inch height.

Product Features

  • New scatter less design
  • Made of stain and odor resistant plastic
  • Includes lock and wire floor panel
  • Eliminates scattered and spilled pans
  • Measures 2-3/4-inch width by 9-1/4-inch depth by 6-inch height

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2 Responses

  1. A. Pohren
    | Reply

    Perfect – a must!! This is absolutely perfect for our bunny! We have a New Holland Mini Lops and the cage is a pretty good size. In the beginning we tried a little pan very similar to this one, only it did not have the scatterless tray. HUGE difference the tray makes. Our bunny did great with litter training, but whenever the poor baby went to hop out of the litter pan, the litter would scatter everywhere. This pan took care of that problem and the cage remains amazingly clean! The fact that it slides onto cage hooks included, makes it easy to keep in place. Highly recommend!!!

  2. Liz Thom
    | Reply

    Great for my guinea pigs I love these little litter boxes. I keep one in each corner of my piggies’ enclosure, and it really cuts down on the cleaning. My girls use them, because they are very accessible to them. One of my girls uses the litter box pretty much exclusively, and is potty trained. The other three mostly use it, but I still have to sweep up some potties here and there, and they still pee in the places where they eat, but it is very reduced when I use the litter pans. Also, I do not have the yucky messes in the corners of my cage, because the pans are there.I love the locking in place, and I am able to do this even with my C&C style cage because of the boost that my fleece liners give. I do put a pad under each box. I also have a hidey-tent covering the litter boxes in the corner, so my girls are more likely to use it. I just use a piece of fabric or a cloth napkin to make it. I also like the rack because the girls do not toss the litter all around or dig in it. And, they don’t hurt their feet because they have a huge enclosure so they don’t spend a tons of time sitting on just those little racks. They do not chew on these…we have plenty of other things for them to chew on. I also like them because they secure the corners of my fleece liners! :)I have the jumbo size of these for my rabbits, and I love them. They are durable, the rack is great because it eliminates digging, easy to clean, and attaches to the cage so they don’t scoot it all around and dump it. The only thing about the rabbits, is that my female took a little adjustment time to get used to the rack. I had to actually get rid of the rack initially in order for her to use it. Then I was able to put it back in.Great product!

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