Visiting with Pets

Visiting with Pets

By Lenore Chapman

Do you have pets that go visiting with you? There are many people that have pets that they take every where they go. I sit and wonder if it is really fair to the pet or the people that you go visit. I have gone on trips with my pet and found that it was hard to find a motel that would accept him without a deposit on the room, just incase he had an accident. Then when you stop to eat, he had to stay in the car, you can’t take a pet in a restaurant unless it was a seeing eye dog. So here he is in the car, either in the heat or cold, depending the time of the year. The same goes with shopping, your pet has to stay in the car again, unless it is a seeing eye dog.

What about the people that you are visiting. Do they really want you to visit with your pet? Have you ask them if you could bring him or just assume it is okay.

There are a lot of people out there that consider their pet one of the family. I can understand that but others don’t. I have heard people complain about someone visiting with their dog. These people consider their dog a part of the family but don’t think about person they are visiting.

One person complained about relatives visiting with their dog. This person had a dog and cat that had the run of the house, but when relatives came with their dog, not only did the relatives dog have the run of their house but they had to lock their own dog in the laundry room and their cat in their bedroom while the relative’s dog was there. That was the only way the animals would get along, otherwise there was a lot of fights between the three of them. And if they decided to spend a few days, their pets would be locked up the whole time. Is this fair to them? No, you don’t want to upset the apple cart and upset your relatives.

I am against people coming to visit me with their pet. I love animals, but I won’t lock my pets away so someone else can bring their pet to take over my house. And if I didn’t have pets of my own, I wouldn’t want to have to put up with someone else’s pet. I believe that pets are pets and should be treated as that. If you can’t or don’t want to put your pet in a kennel or have someone come to your house to take care of it, then either don’t go visiting or take a animal carrier and keep your pet in it. Don’t expect everyone to accept your pet as you do.

Some people don’t see your pet as one of the family. Before you go visiting with you pet, be considerate and ask your host or hostess if it is okay to bring your pet, don’t assume it is okay, ask. Continue

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