Video Request 1; Pole And Gridwork Exercises For Horses/ Young Horses Tutorial

Sorry it’s not very good but I tried my best!! I had a video request to make a video on different pole work exercises that are beneficial for young horses or horses that need a bit of work, I’ve shown 3 exercises that I actually made up myself, that I have found extremely beneficial for my new horse Molly. She is only 5, she is very well educated and rides so nicely you would think she’s 10, however she finds simple things like travelling in a straight line, and keeping a rythem over poles, difficult! I have done these exercises with her for the past week, and she has already improved by 50%! So I thought I would show and help you guys and give you all some tutorials and advice and hope it works for you too. If you don’t understand the exercises, or want me to explain or recommend something different to personally suit you and your horse, feel free to drop a comment or a message and I will see if I can help! I am still doing video requests, If you have any ideas or videos you would like me to make just tell me! It makes my Youtube much more fun. If you are local I am also happy to travel and give lessons. Here’s my Ask.FM if you have any questions;

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  1. Marybeth Deeann says:

    Is Nobaskeron Secrets useful to increase your basketball skills? I have learn numerous good stuff about this popular training program.

  2. Candice Wheeler says:

    Do anyone know about Nobaskeron Secrets? Does it really work? I hear many people improve their basketball skills with it with this popular training course.

  3. This is great! I bought a green 5 year old ex trotter a month ago and now I'm going to start working him under saddle. He's going to be quite unbalanced and not be able to keep an even stride. I can't wait to start using these exercises!

  4. Caitlin Russon says:

    Your such an amazing rider and she's so gorgeous, I also have a 5 year old and would love you to put a video up of really helpful grid work for jumping please?? Xx

  5. Hi I see you have rubber footing for your arena. I am considering getting rubber footing and have a couple questions if you have time. Does footing ever get hard and freeze? Also how often does it get raked/dragged?

  6. Megan Beaumont says:

    Great tutorial. Beautiful horse. Helped my horse a lot. Need to put your stirrups done tho xxx

  7. lots-of-tater-tots says:

    These are very clever! Thank you!!

  8. Kirsty Fenton says:

    This looks great, will try these exercises on my tb thanks

  9. Helen Smith says:

    how long do you think this would take for training a new horse to do this with the ground poles and then removing them? (first exercise)

  10. A horse called Lloyd says:

    Very helpful been doing this with my horse a few times a week for 5 weeks and he has improves a lot!! Could u do a tutorial on how to stop a horse from leaning?
    What about a one on how to get a pace right for a jump cos my horse just does not listen when jumping he sees a jump rushes and bombs over it!!!

  11. walkstrotscanters says:

    very helpful! thank you!

  12. Megan Barnhart says:

    Thank you!!!

  13. Giraffegirl131313 says:

    your horse is lovely ♥

  14. Emily EmilyEquestrian says:

    Thanks this is really helpful, also the contact in your hands with your horse is amazing!! Wish I was as good as you<3 xxx

  15. Shauna Urquhart says:

    Could you do another chase me charlie?

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