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I created my second “pet related” store over on my @ HART Market brand site.

Pet Care @ HART Market

Health and Care Products for Dogs. We have a fine selection of healthy dog care products. Veterinarian approved.

This site is basically an affiliation consolidation for the Pet Nutrition Products Company which carries pet health care and nutritional products and toys for dogs and cats.

Pets @ HART Market

Upscale dog gear you’ll never find at your local pet store

This site is basically an affiliation consolidation for the Oh My Dog Supplies Company that carries upscale dog beds, dog feeders and other items that might make for interesting Christmas Gifts for those PetLvr’s on your shopping list! 🙂

There is a third site in the making, related to pet medicine .. but, I don’t think I will be able to get it online before 2008 and will leave out the link-in-progress for the time being.

About my latest update to WordPress 2.3+

I have upgraded this blog to the latest version of wordpress version 2.3.1. I was hoping to utilize the new tagging features and create some “HOT” tag cloud that will help make things easier to navigate around this blog .. since there are over 2800 posts in this blog! It looked very promising during the conversion and import, but for some reason all it is displaying is the categories in the tagcloud – not the actual tags used for every post.

I have totally made an assumption and a guess, that this is related to the code that I am using for non-widget’able templates, like this one. I *think* the tagcloud will work if I use the widget codes instead, but at this stage I’m not prepared to convert to widgets – as I hope to implement a new network wide template before the year is out~

In other words .. I’m working on it .. but, don’t count on it for the immediate future … sorry!

Experimenting With My Posting

You probably noticed that I have been playing around with the number of posts published each day. Some weeks I have been posting 3-4 items per day, while other weeks I have been posting only 1 post per day, or sometimes 2 posts. It’s odd, but I get more traffic when I slow down on the posting and my adsense even seems to boost. I guess because readers are looking deeper into this site and the archives. Some posts are more popular than others.

Unfortunately, I have TONS of articles to post and sitting in my Bloglines, so I might be beefing up the posts over the next couple of months (3-5 per day) just to get them out and posted in this blog. I do offer full feed for my RSS but, feel free to just scan the titles and if it interests you .. please enjoy the article! And, if it doesn’t .. no hard feelings to skip me over! I’d rather you did that than unsubscribe to our feed 😀

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