Understand The Low Appetite Of Your Pet Turtle

By David Rumsey

Most of the tortoises are aquatic reptiles, which need to be in the water while feeding, in order to be able to swallow. In most of the cases, even if you put their food on land, they will drag it into the water and only there eat it. You can leave alive animals in the turtle’s water, in case those are aquatic, too. In case you feed your turtle on insects that are not aquatic, don’t let the food on land for more than a few minutes. You should remove it and than place it again on the ground next time you feed your turtle. Adult tortoises need to eat about three times in a week, but cubs must be fed every day.

* Make sure the temperature is sufficiently high; if not, your turtle will not eat.

* Keep in mind that tortoises may live for entire weeks without feeding themselves; when it feels better, its appetite will return. In case you suspect a more serious problem, address to a doctor.

* The lack of appetite may signal a health problem, especially if it appears out of nothing. You should take a sample of your turtle’s feces and have it examined by the vet. This sample must be fresher than four hours and kept cold, in water inside the fridge.

* Try to change the food you usually give to the tortoise. They may not like the aliments you used to feed them. The favorite food of the turtles consists in live little earth worms. In association with these you may gradually give them other aliments too.

* In case the tortoise is stressed by traveling, tank mates or handling have a lot of patience and be perseverant.

You don’t need to worry in case a baby turtle, a hibernating one or a female with eggs don’t eat for several weeks. In other cases, it is extremely important for a veterinarian to examine your turtle.

More information about turtle care and the various types of turtles is available on our website, http://www.turtle-care.com .

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