Ugly Face Pet Store

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Special Thanks To Bryan from Pets Plus in Fairless Hills Pa. I was shopping there with my boys and he recognized me. Check out their sale July 9th-Aug 8th. Thanks again Pets Plus!!

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. williamj856
    | Reply

    the walk away.. like um.. lol, yeah. I’m gonna walk away now bc when he comes back he won’t remember me anywayss

  2. goodwrench838
    | Reply

    @CelticFairyBox the girl did in the begining

  3. Riiannee261
    | Reply


  4. DaJayR
    | Reply

    She’s Beutifull

  5. halojackson123456789
    | Reply

    that lady was like this was not in the comtract

  6. eatmy1yo
    | Reply

    lol she just started to walk away at 1:37 lol

  7. nix0n002
    | Reply

    144 people have been ugly faced

  8. bigdrocks55
    | Reply


  9. omgitsyu2
    | Reply

    @CelticFairyBox the girl at the beginning did.

  10. prtsparta
    | Reply

    Hey Ed I live in PA we should hook up sometime. Message me Plz!

  11. sukablianah2
    | Reply

    i love how he used not to move, and behave like nothing happened after “the face”, more funny than this imo

  12. taleofrevenge
    | Reply

    lmao that first girl was so patient and didnt seem to care

    this is funny as fuck

  13. ArkhamClown420
    | Reply

    This is by far the BEST Ugly Face video evar make more like this one

  14. shoehunter23
    | Reply

    Damnnnnn That Chick @ the pet store is thick!!!!!!

  15. bayareasmokin
    | Reply

    how the fuck can you keep a straight face haha

  16. killaman2881
    | Reply

    what i dont get is he is wearing n edbassmaster shirt and no body in the store realized

  17. mammaboot
    | Reply

    thumbs for alajandro!
    and yeah, dat ass 1:40

  18. MzMejiaZ
    | Reply

    I love how they are playing Alejandro from Lady Gaga!

  19. MzMejiaZ
    | Reply

    I love how they are playing Alejandro from Lady Gaga in the background

  20. Thestupidstunters1
    | Reply

    pretty good acting!

  21. nepatriots77
    | Reply

    she is cute

  22. DeadOnPromNite
    | Reply

    do the Fish tanks ever go… X-O

  23. sheszbaddyoo93
    | Reply


  24. lilrockstarbaby123
    | Reply

    It Clearly Says EDBASSMASTER On His Shirt? Ring a Bell?

  25. MegaBarber09
    | Reply

    i like it how the lady just walked away

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