Two Week Old Baby Rat Learning to be Handfed

I brought this little rat home from a feeder breeder, and I’ll be hand raising her! (she’s pretty close to weening age, but not quite)

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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27 Responses

  1. McBandy Messer
    | Reply

    Omg that is so cute! 💖

  2. Ruly Tasho
    | Reply

    Some people Sell "pet rats" more expensive than feeder rats telling you that the pet rats have some sort of special gene powers or something, this isn't true, Rats are just Rats no difference, they can work both as Good Pets or good food for your other pets.

  3. Joe Raymer
    | Reply

    I don't cry often…I did watching this.

    | Reply

    SO Cuteeee!!! ❤❤❤

  5. Юлианна Балашова
    | Reply

    Пожалуйста снимай больше видео) Please make more videos)

  6. Marco Palazzola
    | Reply

    The sad thing is, rats only live for a good 5 months 1 year if your good

  7. gabriela moreno ramirez
    | Reply

    Best video ever! Greetings frm México!

  8. Zoe Ennis
    | Reply

    Aweeee it's so beautiful

  9. Prawduh559
    | Reply

    cute as hell. love the sleep party people in the background!

  10. Luis Chi
    | Reply

    Hii! I am planning to buy a hamster or a little rat, but i don't know wich specie is the adecuate, or everyone is find? and how to touch them without scaring them? thank you!

  11. Tank Girl
    | Reply

    Hey tard, that rat is fully old enough to eat regular seeds and food without being bottle fed.

  12. PandaFoxArtist
    | Reply

    Isn't a feeder breeder someone who breeds mice and rats for snake (or other animals) food?

  13. Christy
    | Reply

    omfg just the cutest thing ever 😆

  14. Gummie Bear
    | Reply

    So painful to have them this young, raise them, bond with them, and then lose them only a year or two later. I lost 3 of my 4 all within months of each other and fell apart each time. One left and he's bonded so much with me being the only one. Not looking forward to the inevitable. 🙁

  15. Josey rrr Msp
    | Reply

    omg! thats so cute 🙂

  16. Maria Rose
    | Reply

    ahhh so cute!!!

  17. Janet Liu
    | Reply

    How is it doing now?

  18. Janet Liu
    | Reply

    Awwwwwwww! I'm a sucker for the lil guys.

  19. Daniela Miguéns
    | Reply

    God damn it, now I want a rat… 😐

  20. fanii torres
    | Reply

    sorry i can explain how the training please

  21. Cristian Georgetti
    | Reply

    Genia!, te admiro Abby !! me encantan tus videos y sos una persona maravillosa! el amor hacia los animales es algo hermoso!

  22. Agung Darajatun
    | Reply

    What kind of this rat ?

  23. Agung Darajatun
    | Reply

    What kind of this rat ?

  24. nOt USinG tHIs ShiT
    | Reply

    I have 2 rats now they are 2+ yes old and they are my first rats 🙂 I love them and u wat to continue having Pet rat and I'd love to Lear them som tricks as u do but I dunno how :/ so I hop u will make more vids A bolt how u train them 🙂 (im sorry for my english but im from Slovakia)

  25. Jude
    | Reply

    Most precious little fur baby.

  26. Aurora Diaz Alvarez
    | Reply

    es increible lo que haces con ellas!
    buenos videos!

  27. Røyø Prime Streveł
    | Reply

    Thats cute nice love for this tiny

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