Tuna Pasta Bake (حلال)

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

A quick and tasty meal that is so SIMPLE that even your children can do this… which means you might even come home one night to a ready-cooked meal! Recipe at: titlisbusykitchen.com

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. 23heavie
    | Reply


  2. Puddmunkie
    | Reply

    My favorite video so far, probably because I am a cat lover!

  3. shihnazf
    | Reply

    hi titli
    where do u get halal cheese in UK? my family in UK wants to know, they say it hard to find it there

  4. TitliNihaan
    | Reply

    @shihnazf There are many cheeses which are labelled as “suitable for vegetarians”. Just look out for them in the supermarkets!

  5. bixy222
    | Reply

    hey titli i love all of your recipes are amazing and so are you, i have a request can you please make Biryani? that would be great thanks ‘

  6. TitliNihaan
    | Reply

    @bixy222 I’ve already done both chicken and lamb biryanis…

  7. icedmango
    | Reply

    what else can I use instead of mushroom soup? We don’t have this kind of thick soup here in tins 🙁

  8. Scootermagoo
    | Reply

    Titli you have a beautiful pussy. Nice easy recipe, maybe comrade B can make it for you some night.

  9. Fatat22
    | Reply

    what else can I use instead of mushroom soup?

  10. Technoboy7779
    | Reply

    The intro says ultimate brownies

  11. TitliNihaan
    | Reply

    @Technoboy7779 Really? No way!

  12. EbbaTheGreen
    | Reply

    Hi Titli, I adore your recipies. They seem really tasty and fun to watch as well. I would like to see more vegetarian food though… 🙂


  13. TaraTwine
    | Reply

    lmao.you are amazing.

  14. CookiieMonsterXxX
    | Reply

    Can you use something other than mushroom soup? 🙂

  15. TitliNihaan
    | Reply

    @CookiieMonsterXxX I guess you could any creamy soup…

  16. CastJosephine
    | Reply

    YEY! I have to babysit my brother and he won’t eat anything but tuna! And I’m no cook, so this is perfect 🙂 Cheers Titli!

  17. Mansio1
    | Reply

    Huh!! did you redo this video? 🙂

  18. MsPizzafreak
    | Reply

    haha your cat is awesome!

  19. CookiieMonsterXxX
    | Reply

    @TitliNihaan (again! lol) Can i just leave out the mushroom soup altogether? 🙂

  20. TitliNihaan
    | Reply

    @CookiieMonsterXxX You need some liquid in there or it will be very crunchy!

  21. 6thewolf
    | Reply

    Really good Thanks!

  22. reppinenz
    | Reply

    Awesome well done 🙂

  23. asiaLittleMissRebel
    | Reply

    Your cat is the cuttteeeeeest.

  24. sunniace
    | Reply

    hey titli, I love all your recipes! tried the cheesecake yesterday and everyone loved it!
    can I use tomato soup instead of mushroom?

  25. TitliNihaan
    | Reply

    @sunniace I guess so!

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