Tru-Track Kennel “Track & Hunt” Rabbit Dog Training DVD

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Tru-Track Kennel Presents:



Come along and join expert beagle trainer, Jeff DeBord, as he shows how to start two young pups in his proven training method. Also, join him in an actual field hunt where he fills the bag limit for rabbits with seasoned dogs trained in his system.

This video is filled with training methods, tips, and valuable field hunting experience that is sure to be enjoyed by hunters everywhere.

This DVD includes the following:

*How to find a suitable location to train your dogs

*What a training regiment should look like – When and how often to train

*What to look for in a Beagle pup

*What to do when you jump a rabbit

*Whether or not to use a shock collar

*How to keep your dog from being gun-shy

*Field footage of dogs that have been trained in this system

A must-have source of information for anyone who wants to train a quality Beagle!!!

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2 Responses

  1. Rabbit Hunter
    | Reply

    Helpful video I enjoyed this product. Great video with some good hunting footage. After watching I couldn’t wait to get back into the woods.

  2. Huntinismygame13
    | Reply

    Needs more footage. Good product with some valuable information. Would like to see training methods in action. Also more footage of the training development steps would enhance understanding. Overall I would recommend it to a beginning beagle hunter.

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