Tropical Fish Care – How To Look After Tropical Fish And Tropical Fish Keeping Tips

Tropical Fish Care – How To Look After Tropical Fish And Tropical Fish Keeping Tips

By Stephen Davis

Keeping tropical fish is a great pastime that can bring immense happiness. Before doing so, however, there are several key points that you need to be aware of – or the whole exercise could end up in great disappointment.

Before you set up a tropical fish tank, there are several guidelines that you should adhere to. If not, you may be endangering your tropical fish without even knowing it.

If you truly care for your fish you must act in their best interests, and no doubt you want to do exactly this. One common error that many people don’t really understand is that there are some bacteria that you actually want in your aquarium (as they help balance the delicate biological life cycle). Do you know which bacteria I am talking about? I certainly didn’t when I started out.

Katy’s Tropical Fish Guide gave me a very good understanding into how to:

1. Set up my new tropical fish tank
2. How to introduce tropical fish to the tank
3. Caring for the fish tank
4. Feeding the tropical fish
5. Maintaining the health of the fish

Before reading it, I really had no idea on what was involved. Sure, the people at the store gave me some advice, but it was never pleasant finding my fish looking unhealthy, let alone, dead!

I wasn’t overly impressed with the quality of other tropical fish books that are available on the market. I thought a lot of them were overpriced – especially for the information they offered; and they generally didn’t focus on telling you how to get the best results using methods that don’t require a lot of effort and products that don’t cost the earth.

Both of these things I believe take the fun and enjoyment out of keeping fish. After all, something that costs a significant amount of money and requires a lot of work on your behalf can’t really be deemed as enjoyable.

Don’t waste your time with other expensive books or videos that promise the earth. Katy’s Tropical Fish Guide costs a fraction of inferior products on the market, but the advice I received was far, far superior. Without it, I would have spent a lot more money, lost a lot more fish and probably would have given away the idea of looking after a tropical fish tank. Instead, I’m now extremely happy and gain great enjoyment from my tropical fish tank.

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