Trixie and Tinkerbell

This post was submitted as part of the Pet ‘Net Adoption Event 2008 to heighten awareness about animal shelter adoption.Please visit your local shelter, or Human Society location and ADOPT A PET if you can. Your continued support is essential to enhancing the quality of life for all animals and there are several ways you can help, besides adoption, which includes donations, fostering, volunteering, etc. Here’s HOW YOU CAN HELP support my local Winnipeg Humane Society. Thank-You. // HART

* Reprinted from The WHS – Fall 2007

When Hobbes (my 12 year old tabby) and I moved out of my parent’s house, it was Hobbes Mom and Dad missed the most. So it was no surprise that before long we were all heading off to The Winnipeg Humane Society to pick out a replacement for Hobbes for them to adopt. We have been longtime supporters of The WHS, but up to that point our cats had always found us directly – as strays or friends’ cats needing a home. This time we wanted to adopt through The WHS.

The staff and volunteers were so helpful, scanning through their records to help us find just the little girl we were looking for. I have to admit, it was kind of gut-wrenching to have to pass on the many other cats we met while there. There were so many asking us to adopt them but we were only taking one home. As many of you can attest, we didn’t choose Trixie, she actually chose us. When a volunteer handed her to my dad, she immediately gave him a little kissy on the cheek – and of course my dad was smitten – this was the one! Once the new siblings warmed up to each other, Trixie was often at my place visiting with Hobbes and vice versa. However, Hobbes decided that he was too mature to play with a little girl, at least not as much as she wanted to. Our solution of course was to get a little sister for Trixie and we knew just where to go! Off we trotted to The WHS again. We were delighted to find Tinkerbell there, wondering why it had taken us so long to come find her. She was a rascal right from the get-go and continues to add a little excitement and energy to every day. Like most pet owners, we are so grateful to have these animals who bring so much love and joy to our lives – and to the WHS for all that they do to protect and care for the animals in our community.

Thanks again.

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