Trieste Visier’s 5 step beginers course -how to train your budgies to skateboard

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A basic & easy to follow 5 step beginers course on how to train your budgie to skateboard featuring Mick the budgie demonstratiing his cute skateboarding skills and showing you each step to train your budgie to skateboard too.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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14 Responses

  1. Adrian gamer 02
    | Reply

    só fala

  2. Chalie MarshaII
    | Reply

    I forget, do I want to stress my budgie out?

  3. Classy Trad Tube
    | Reply

    Your teaching is brilliant! Where can I buy one of these wee skateboards? My budgie would love it!

  4. The Wolf Films
    | Reply

    OMG this is so hallarous

  5. 洗濯バサミ
    | Reply


  6. Kenny McCormick
    | Reply

    this makes me think of the bird from rio

  7. دموع الورد
    | Reply

    هههههههههه. حبيبي الطير

  8. Donald Trump
    | Reply

    I literally got a budge the VERY exact same color and deigns only difference is that hes stupid as fuck he wont do any of those tricks

  9. Von Wane
    | Reply

    Too cute!!!!

  10. IZZY ICE
    | Reply


  11. stevensays1
    | Reply

    why is he yelliing

  12. Anonym TypeC
    | Reply

    This head ?

  13. John Tarango
    | Reply

    You should take that bird to the vet he looks siiiiiick

  14. Ashley Manney
    | Reply

    I have an assignment due tomorrow

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