Hello friends! Today’s video I just showed y’all some of our favorite tricks I like to do with Bb! Sorry if I didn’t explain these very well, I didn’t have much time to film this video;p Also, thank you guys so much for almost 1.6k! Anyways, I’ll hopefully film another video today or tomorrow, so be on the lookout for another comedy/goofy video!
Love y’all!💞

Trying Horse Treats video

I DONT OWN ANY MUSIC! All music used in this video belongs to its rightful owners.


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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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10 Responses

  1. Sharon Kerr
    | Reply

    I love you micenly 💖💖💖

  2. Reese Olivia Simpson
    | Reply

    I miss BB! Where he at?🤠

  3. Twilight Diamonds24
    | Reply

    Just saying horses can't eat oranges or they will get really sick

  4. Abbie Denton
    | Reply

    You just earned yourself another subscriber!!!

  5. Tay Tay Horse lover
    | Reply

    oml my horse is the same looking my horse looks like ur horses twin!

  6. Katrien Swart
    | Reply

    Me and my horse Max (Friesian) love your video's soooo much! Love you J!

  7. Rose Neubauer
    | Reply

    Good video, what song is the one played in the background called?

  8. Courtney
    | Reply

    Taught my horsey to smile about half a year ago, the smart little cookie figured it out quickly and she's been great at it ever since! Certainly the way to earn "awwwww"s from barn friends 😉

  9. Lucy Wallace
    | Reply

    You little cuties!

  10. Veronica Equestrienne
    | Reply

    I'm learning Bliss to come when I whistle and I'm learning Teline the donkey a bunch of different ones haha.. she picks up faster than Bliss.
    Nice video.

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