Trick Training for Horses: Fun Ways to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Horse

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With instructions on the best ways to teach a horse tricks using positive reinforcement, this guide provides trainers with ways to make their horses become better performers and be more responsive. The tricks and games featured in this handbook can add variety to a serious training regimen by combining daily schooling with an element of fun for both the horse and its rider, helping to keep the working horse interested in its job. Specific tricks include bowing, kneeling, lying down, standing on a box, carrying objects, and rolling objects, and each are outlined in individual stepsĀ to helpĀ the trainer achieve the best results.

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3 Responses

  1. My Bar 20 Ranch
    | Reply

    A really great and interesting book! I received this book a few days ago, and I think it is really a nice book! It has alot of information, not only on tricks, but also to get your horse used to many objects as well. It is easy to understand, with beautiful pictures that well explain how to do the exercizes and tricks. It has alot of good advice with details. My Quarter horse gelding will be 19 this year, and there are simple tricks in there I know we will enjoy working on together. He already is learning how to hug! I do not plan on teaching him to lay down, and rearing is out of the question, but there are so many tricks you can teach your horse, and many ideas to just have fun with your horse. I highly recommend this book!

  2. sara annon
    | Reply

    Nice story Bea Borelle’s story of training her own ponies is sweet and touching, but I tend to give more credit to the horse than the trainer in this instance. What exactly does not being shy about ‘clearly’ touching my horse with the whip mean? Usually that is a euphemism for hit’em if they don’t obey. I also am uncomfortable being told that I will be surprised at how difficult it will be to follow her instructions, and if they don’t work to try something else.Rehabing abused horses, work under saddle and in hand, riding without a bridle and teaching airs above the ground, and teaching the horse to move a bit of carpet with its nose to find a carrot are all thrown together indiscriminately. I can appreciate her relationship with her own horses, but her ability to verbalize and communicate her inner processes falls short.

  3. Anonymous
    | Reply

    I ordered the wrong book but I am goonna keep it anyway… this was disapointing becuase it was not quite what I wanted.

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