TRICK Lunging – How to train your horse

Trick lunging is lunging your horse WITHOUT a rope / lunge! Here is an explanation of the method I used. Basically you want your horse to walk / trot around …

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18 Responses

  1. lulubelleish
    | Reply


  2. Marenlene
    | Reply

    Thanks 🙂 He is very well loved !

  3. gegx313
    | Reply

    Beautiful horse!

  4. JasperIsaLittleHorse
    | Reply

    Thank you. Well sure. And I guess calling it a trick seems more fun and gives it more of a purpose kind of…it also gives people this want to learn it, so in a way your teaching people natural horsemanship and they don’t exactly know it. Oh well, I’m game, it’s good for horse and rider and builds conection. 🙂 Anything to get the message out, things can be done without a whip!

  5. Marenlene
    | Reply

    well, I consider this a trick because most people are not able to lunge their horse without a rope (their horses run away). It is simple when you can do it but hard to learn. You need a great communication with your horse and clear rules to do that – so if you can as you said: WELL DONE!

  6. JasperIsaLittleHorse
    | Reply

    I don’t understand how this is a trick though. To me this is like something people do all the time with their horses…isn’t it? I mean i can lunge my horses on a rope as well, but I usually only lunge them in the round pen loose and when i crouch down and say “hooo” they just walk right up to me and follow me out without a rope. this are great things people should know how to do with their horse (w/o treats, b/c it’s very possible) and it’s great your teaching it, but I’m not sure it’s a trick.

  7. MusicFreak102101
    | Reply

    my horse never understands xD

  8. MigrationTranslators
    | Reply

    It’s great how patiently you are! Long-term thinking achieves the most!

  9. dxtf1984
    | Reply

    really i am a rider ,Arabian horses rider and i love them so much ,the horse is a wonderful animal ,but till now i don’t have one of my own because i too busy in my life because i am plastic surgeon new my career and i have some times free,sometimes i log in youtube just too see if you had a new videos with horses,so i am a fan of you!
    my other hobby is a photographing and i see that u r very photogenic and natural in ur videos
    thank you and i am glad too be ur friend

  10. Marenlene
    | Reply

    oh wow, thank you 🙂 no, i am not angry, I am actually very happy for such a nice comment 🙂 I just wanted to say that I am not a trainer and I probably do things different from “real trainers” 🙂 Are you riding as well? Do you have a horse?

  11. dxtf1984
    | Reply

    ok marenlene may be u r not a tranier but i am sure that you r wonderful girl ….so don’t be angry from my i am sorry if i describe u as atranier but i am just big fan of you.

    waiting for your new videos

  12. Marenlene
    | Reply

    Thanks…see, I am not a trainer, I am just an ordinary girl spending a lot of time with her horse….and the greatest news: I got another horse today, a beautiful young fillie that looks nearly the same as my horse Jay above! I am so excited and will post a video soon 🙂

  13. dxtf1984
    | Reply

    u r wonderful trainer

    | Reply


    | Reply

    nice! you should try join up:0

  16. Marenlene
    | Reply

    well, thanks, this is a great compliment! Maybe you should get a horse because if you like to give your horse some freedom – you already have the heart of a good horseman!

  17. ClickerPetsMore
    | Reply

    I love all the freedom that you have without ropes. If I ever had a horse of my own, I would train it like you train your horse. 🙂

  18. MigrationTranslators
    | Reply

    awesome as always 🙂

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